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Aug 31, 2005
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Hallo geeks

I have problems with my zone 3 ball, i have full control over det zone1 and 2 ball but the zone 3 keeps giving me trouble, i found it very difficult to spred the bead and after making the line close to the cuticle almost invissible, any good advise or tricks for me :lol:
are you finding the bead is to dry for you to spread? are you holding your brush correctly? i was told to practice doing bead sizes on some tissue paper so you can get use to what mix ratio you need.when i apply mine im spreading it first.this is what gives me the gap between the cuticle and the acrylic.if that makes sense.hth
I'm having the same problem so i'd love to see what people say. Always nice to hear your not the only one. lol :hug:

Lisa xxx
good thinking lotus blossom.i always forget about the tutorials.thanks
I used to have this problem as well, what I found that I was doing was placing my bead too near the cuticle so therefore was not giving myself enough room to work with my brush and bead. The angle of your brush is important here too, as is the size of your bead as has been said before.

The tutorials mentioned are fab and should help no end. hth:)
I will try placing the bead closer to zone 2 and see if this help. I know the tutorials, have been reading Gigi book 1 million times now, and i think i will try what she surguest to due in the book. I feel that i now have control over the other zones, but it is still zone 3 who gives me problems.

Thanks for your help :)

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