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  1. R

    Hair extension tools

    Hi all, hope you are well. I have sone hair extension tools and hair for training I am looking to sell. I have Nano/micro loop tools - various colours Sectioning clips black Butterfly clips black Pliers Training scissors human hair in colour #4 Nano hair 20g bags Micro hair 20g bags Tape hair...
  2. J

    Hair extension courses

    I am a fully qualified stylist - hairdresser- I now really want to train to do extensions and I would like to know of the best corses available in uk please x
  3. H

    Hair wigs help

    Hi, I’ve recently done a wig course & I wanted to get into making wigs & drawstring ponytails, there’s a couple of questions I’d like to ask someone about the ponytails if anyone could help me? Thank you
  4. Z

    New hair extensions supplier

    Hay girls, Wondering if anyone can help me. I have been using Euphoria one supplier as my cheaper range for around 8 years their quality has dropped dramatically, the weight isn’t correct the ends are thin and a few clients are staring to complain the extensions are matting and above all my...
  5. I

    Hair extension models, feeling nervous!

    Hi All, I'm currently undergoing online training course with Maxwell Melia to learn 5 different methods - LA Weave, Nano bonds, Micro bonds, Fusion bonds and tapes. I'll be honest I'm not feeling overly confident because the mannequin head is so difficult to use, I can't get straight lines...
  6. G

    Hair extension trade accounts

    Hi all, I’ve just completed my training to do hair extensions. I’m looking to open up some trade accounts with two different suppliers, a low/mid range and a high range. I was recommended to use beautyworks however I’ve read you have to pay to open an account with them. I’ve also been...
  7. C

    Newly qualified hair extentionist

    Looking for some guidance from anyone with professional experience that you had with hair extension suppliers and what do find are the best ones to use? I've been looking at :- Beauty works Remi Cachet Hair rehab London Balmain Foxy hair extensions Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. E

    Hair extensions

    I’m looking for a hair supplier, I fit all methods of hair extension and looking for some new suppliers. I usually use premium hair but find it’s too expensive for most people. I want to be able to offer a more affordable package for clients with a lower price range Any help would be great...
  9. A

    Beauty Works clip ins dry after one wash

    Hey, After months of research I finally invested in some clip ins from beauty works. Initially I was really impressed, so soft, thick and shiny. I did some research into good shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions and because I'm on a budget bought OGX sulphate and paraben free coconut...
  10. C

    3/4 head micro ring placement

    Hi, Recently trained with Belle Hair Academy (kinda wish i didn't lol) - i'm trained in micro rings, nano rings, fusion bonds, easy shrinks and tapes I have a client who wants a 3/4 head of micro rings fitting, she has ordered 125g 20" hair just wondering if anyone can give me some advice...
  11. Ley2308

    Hair extensions disgusting

    A before and 2 weeks after photo of xxxxxx extensions!!! Disgusting!! Used there after care products and this is what happens the hair shredded and snapped instantly and had only been curled once I would rather be bald than have these in ever again!!! [name removed]
  12. M

    Coloured extensions

    Hey all needs some advice after colouring my clients extensions. So I've been hairdressing 10 years and started my own buisness in December, I've also trained in extensions December. We were advised to keep training and offering a no fitting charge for the first few months. So i fitted tape...
  13. valourhairdressing

    SW hair extensions

    Hi I am looking into SW Hair Extensions. Has anyone tried them, if so what do you think? Thank you x
  14. L

    Hair extensions suppliers advice

    Hey! I’m about to do a course this weekend with Oakley Academy in tape, celeb weave and nano ring hair extensions I’ve been recommended some different suppliers for the different methods. I’d like to offer a lower budget range and higher budget range. Can anyone recommend to me? I was...
  15. Chrissie0444

    Sticky tape ins

    Hi guys, I’ve recently had tape in hair extensions and it’s my first time having them so very new to this. I was just wondering is it normal for the tapes to be slightly sticky/tacky feeling? I wash my hair for like 10mins to try and get in between all the hair extensions but it’s very...
  16. wawahair

    Tape hair extension removal

    Hello, So I am not having fun removing tape extensions. I get them out of the hair fine but removing the glue from the extension to refit is taking ages! The glue is so sticky and not coming off in one piece. My hands are covered and I can’t get the glue off my hands sticking to everything...
  17. A

    Quote on hair extensions

    Hello there, I would like to ask how do you quote clients, I always look for a high end supplier and a mid range one that is also good and give both quotes to clients but I think this may be putting the client off as the high end is very expensive and they think the mid range is not as good. How...
  18. Aish

    New to extensions, need to find good well priced brand

    Hey all, So I’m new to extensions and have trained in fusion bonding, easy shrinks, micro rings/links, nano rings and mini tubes. I have friends that want micro rings/nano rings fitting and Ive said I will only be charging them for the hair so I can get a bit of practice in before opening fully...
  19. J

    Looking for a business partner in Bucks - High Wycombe

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for a business partner! I have been in the beauty and tanning industry for almost 18 years, I’m just in the process of hoping to take on the shop next door to my beauty salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s on a main road with fantastic passing trade footfall...
  20. A

    Dry hair extensions

    I have a micro ring weft applied it’s been in since the beginning of April and it’s so dry and tangled and gets matted 10 minutes after brushing and sheds like crazy the hair has halved in thickness since having it in I use the beauty works shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave in conditioner...