1st attempt a toe enhancements


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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
Hi peeps i have just added a piccie of my 1st set of toe enhancements using perfect white and flawless pink. I just overlaid my tootsies with the acrylic.....i know they are'nt brilliant but it would be great to know what you all think
thankin u
oops 4 got to say they are in m photo gallery for n e one who would like to look
I did mine too last week and it wasn't easy. If I could have taken my foot off and turned it round it would have been sooo much eaasier. I think the flawless pink was a well good idea, i just used pink on mine ( i'd put a photo on here but as you know I'm so crap I can't)) and it isn't pink enough for toes.

I've just made a mix of EZ Flow pink and pansy to create the same effect as flawless pink (following the great advice of antony) so will use this next time!

They're great.
Wow D!! Good job!! Extremely admirable, and quite adorablt too! *wink*
Hi Just checked out your toe nail enhancements in the /gallery they look great
as its only toe nails that I do its nice to see other people finally having a go and with great success keep it up

WOW...Look at them! Excellent job Well Done!

They look brilliant Amanda! I will try to do mine in the next day or two.
Just looked on the Gallery and would love my feet to look like that. The toes look great, well done you.
They look super :cool: I have horrid toe nails, so mine would never look like that :lol:
hi hun, they look fab, did you find out about toe tips,if you did let us know ,love dee
Hi everyone......thanx for all your nice comments, it is much appreciated.......and if any body would like theirs ovelaying ......give me a shout......i need the practise!!!!!
Wow, just seen your feet they are absolutely fab would love you to practice on mine but your a little too far out, my feet are repulsive lol! x

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