30-40 cm of snow in montreal


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Yes, it's that time of year again, here in good old "Quebec".

The prediction was we'd have an old style winter of long ago - translate that to mean: snow, snow, snow and MORE snow.

In the last 2 days, we've had 30 to 40 cm of snow.:eek: And it's STILL falling.
It's piled up 4 to 6' (yes, that's FEET, not inches) at the side of the road where the snowplows pushed it and where we dumped it from clearing our driveway's.
Schools everywhere are closed today.
Yesterday, many of us were trapped in our homes since the plows hadn't been by, and we couldn't get off the street.

NOT convenient, since I had xmas shopping to do, and doing that with rugrats.... pointless:irked:

I HATE SNOW:!::irked:
It's also minus 21 degrees with the windchill.
The wind is HORRENDOUS (especially last night)
Last night, my kids were DETERMINED to go out with Dadda to play while he shovelled. The 6yr old (built solid like her da, already 4ft tall) was fine BUT my 4yr old took two steps and got blown over on her arse by the wind and came back in :lol:. "I don't like the wind momma... too cold!" LOL had to agree with her. You were NOT getting my arse out there, HECK NO.

I will post pictures later.You'll crap your pants at the sight. :lol:

And don't any of you DARE to complain about 3 or 10 centimeters, because I WILL fly over there and kick your butt!!:lol: THEN I'll drag that very same butt back over here and make YOU shovel the driveway, 4 times a day in an effort to keep up with the snow AND I'll make YOU do the driving around town.... Hope you're not a scaredy-cat
oh how I love the snow LOL...:lol::lol::lol:
There'll be no grumbles from me Victoria :eek: ... just these to help keep you warm :hug:
MY GOD victoria.:eek::eek::eek:..........

still....i cant help being jealous as i have not seen a white xmas for years!!!!..

i would love to see white xmas.......might have to emigrate to near you so i can have white christmas............so...what are your summers like hun?????xx
Ooh think of all the snowboarding lol but yes that is way too much I'm freezing sitting hear at work and its only 0 degrees.
Just before I head out to do groceries (yes, I drove in this, to fetch baking goods for my baskets I must make), I had to SHOVEL out my car. No, I don't mean the driveway, I mean THE CAR.
I had to use a shovel to clear off my car. There was over 2 feet of snow ON TOP of my car.

I took pictures of my car, the driveway and such.. wait until you see them.:eek:
Will upload them later.

Summers are on the other end of the extreme.
As high as 43 or so with the humidity...... terribly hot.
We get alllllllll kinds of weather here.

Just came back from getting my groceries...... roads are downright terrible, slipping and sliding every which way... "Driving nowhere" (in one spot, wheels spinning) happens a lot if you stop. Better to keep going when you can and avoid stopping, just sort of "coast" thru at stop signs when you can.
When someone comes up behind you at a stop sign, pull away right away, or you're likely to get goosed in the arse because they miscalculate and slide into your backside when they try to stop.

Snow "Removal" trucks will pass later. Not plows to push it aside, but a thingy like a giant snowblower with another truck behind it to catch the snow. Usually you'll see them go by like a train: the giant snowblower with 3 or 4 empty trucks lined up behind it... as one fills up and pulls away, another pulls up behind the snow blower to catch more snow.
I'll try to get pics of that too, for all of you.

Laugh at my suffering and be thankful you're not in this mess

PS: today I'm thanking the powers that be that made us buy a 13 yr old stationwagon/tank with a huge engine that can get through this muck because I saw a lot of little sporty dinky cars with better winter tires than my own car, get mired and stuck and fly into snowbanks. lol
I'm with you Victoria I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE snow, always have. When I was a kid we used to get a lot more snow here that we do these days and my school never closed even if the heating was'nt working and they made us go out and play in it yeuck yyeeueuww. I dont know how I would cope where you are, probably would'nt come out from under my duvet for the winter.

Lots of luck and I hope it all melts.

Trish :hug::hug:
no snow here ...only rain,rain, and more rain!:irked:

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