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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Hey all my geeky mates, it’s that time of year again.


Last year was a wonderful success with a few minor glitches, but I think on the whole, it was a lovely thing for all those that participated.

We all had a lovely opportunity to get to know our mates a bit better, and share the holiday spirit together on a more personal note.
I, for one, had a blast, despite the craziness. (yessssss bring on the humbugs HAHAHAHA:lick:)

This year we are celebrating a tad earlier. The reasons are that the post is often clogged already at the holidays, and then we are often ‘clogged’ with a busy work-season. I didn’t get this started as early as I wanted to, but ah well. Better later than never.

You CAN be from anywhere in the world. Any member of the site can participate. Regardless of which forum you belong to, or where in the world you live, you are invited to play along. Hair Geek, Nail Geek, whatever. EVERYONE can play.

Please find below, the Guidelines and Notes on how this works.
Please read the ENTIRE post and avoid asking me a question for which the answer is found here. There are A LOT OF GEEKS.. that means a LOT of pm’s for me.



CUTOFF To Participate:November 11th 2007, Midnight EST (montreal quebec time)
Names will be assigned the next morning in secret or over a couple of days, depending on number of participants.
If you know a geek that is not frequently on the forum, but can reach them by another method PLEASE contact them to give them the chance to participate.


  1. You may NOT tell anyone about who's name you were assigned, and what you are buying them. Santa will be royally ticked at any cheaters LOL It's a SECRET. Only the receiver may know WHEN they receive their gift, and only THEN may they divulge who their Santa was.
  2. You may NOT send nail stuff. ABSOLUTELY NO NAIL SUPPLIES.. no nail art, zip/nada/zilch. It's xmas, it's about love and fun. Although we allllllllll love nails.. let's put nails aside for a change.
  3. When you send your gift, PLEASE send it in time for xmas. Please do not post it any later than November 30th. If you are participating, I'm sure your Santa will be in a rush to send yours. You know how the postal service can be during the holidays, INSANE.. Please keep this in mind. PLEASE put a return address JUST IN CASE and please let them know who you are in the parcel, NOT here on geek before they receive it, so they can thank you. Please indicate your ‘geeky’ name as well, not all of us know everyone’s “real names”.
  4. PM me with your stats:
A) Full name
B) Full address incl. country
C) your list of likes, interests and hobbies. NO ONE wants coal. The list is necessary as someone may get a name of a geek they know nothing about and need help without soliciting the assistance of another geek. Also, some people are just generally shopping-challenged. So please, don't say "I like everything" or I'll tell your santa to send coal or rubber dog poo :twisted: (I have already stocked up on rubber poo at the dollar store. BEWARE)
  1. You may wait until Xmas to open your gift if you want to, but PLEASE let your Santa know that you received it, as soon as you get it. Many geeks are like kids about giving gifts, let’s not torture them needlessly, ok??
  2. Do not change your geek name after you have signed up. This caused some confusion last year, when it came time to pm’ing people. I had to harass the mods.
  3. Insure your parcels. This alleviates the headache of extra expense if the Post office loses it. Then at least the “Santa” can get reimbursed and send out another gift to their geek. I believe insurance for parcels is as little as 1 or 2$ in many cases.
Please do not make me waste time pm’ing you to ask you for info you forgot.


cutoff is November 11th. On November 12th, I will mix everyone's names up, and reassign them randomly. It will be a random assignment of names.
The number of participants I have this year will determine how fast I can fire off the pm’s with everyone’s assigned geeks. I will send out pm's with the details to all participants. Keep in mind, the number of participants is the number of pm's I have to send.
PLEASE be patient
. :hug:

WHEN I have finished sending the pm's with details, I will post a notice that the pm's have been sent. IF after that time you have NOT received a pm. PLEASE let me know right away! DO NOT PM ME BEFORE THE THREAD IS POSTED, indicating that I have finished, if you have not received your pm.
I work full time, like many of you. I do volunteer work at the Preschool & Elementary school and have a 4yr old home during the day and my 6yr old after school... so it takes time. LOL
Once I have started receiving names, I will start a thread for everyone to verify that they are indeed on the list.

PLEASE don’t pm me within hours saying “I’m not on the list”. I can not always get to it the same day. Patience is KEY!

PLEASE do not overspend. Last year, I set a limit, however; due to the differences I exchange rates and costs of living, from one end of the planet to another.. this didn’t work. I prefer that you keep it to a minimum of 5 to 10$, keeping in mind, there is still shipping to pay for. This is about spirit, and holidays and appreciating our geeky mates. This is NOT a gift-giving contest. Remember: whatever you buy, that person is likely to share with everyone what it is. If it’s costly, those that sent ‘budget’ gifts might feel uncomfortable. “Uncomfortable” is NOT geeky spirit. We want everyone happy and cheerful. THAT IS geeky spirit. If items cost very little, then odds are that they are 'small'. Small things are cheaper to ship. :) Gag gifts, humourous gifts, senseless cute trinkets, chocolate (chocolate is always good LOL) etc….. These are the types of gifts I have in mind.

Special requests will be DENIED. This is completely random. Also, I do NOT want any pm's of "I don't like so-and-so, please change the name". Guess what? At christmas, we love everyone. Sooooo whoever you get is who you shop for and be a good boy or girl, and be nice. Anyone who doesn't play nice, gets crossed off the list next year.
Yes, this evil elf will do it. Don't doubt for a second that I wouldn't.

Also, it’s far too complicated and time consuming to make sure that so-n-so only gets someone from such-n-such a country or whatever

Please do NOT pm me before February 1st if you have not received your parcel. If you pm me before the 1st, I will ignore it and delete it. Sorry.. but I was inundated last year…
If the postal service is what it usually is at Christmas.. (and of course it will be) I'm sure it's likely to happen that someone will get a parcel late.
If by February 1st, you've received nothing, ONLY THEN will I contact your Santa to find out what's going on

There will be NO reassigning of Secret Santa’s this year. Last year was the first Secret Santa, and a learning experience. It’s unfair to ask others to send out more than one gift. I greatly appreciated the geeks that stepped out to help out those that didn’t receive, but it’s not fair to them to pick up the slack.
So, if you get assigned a “dud” in terms of a Secret Santa and that Santa never sends their gift, I’m truly sorry. That’s the risk we take. In any case, this is about giving and not receiving. It’s unfortunate.. but… as they say “**** happens”.
NOTE: I still have last year’s list. I KNOW who didn’t send last year. They are NOT allowed to participate this year.:evil:


Now, I have made a LOT of requests and been very specific. I would GREATLY appreciate your help in keeping this simple for me, and limiting the amount of work I have by doing as I’ve requested and following the rules.

I do love doing this, but it can be crazy sometimes.

YES, I’m a crazy Evil Elf, on a mission. But I figure, the more info and guidelines I provide, the less PM’s and madness I have to deal with haha:lol::green:

Now have fun and stay outta trouble and I'm sure Santa will be good to you.
(except for those missing part C in their pm's, they're getting rubber dog poo! hahaha listen to my evil laugh LOL):twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:


PS: Hey Mods... can we please stickey this on all the forums??? So that we don't miss anyone that doesn't visit Chit-Chat???


Edited to add PSS: THANKS to everyone leaving me kind messages in their pms with their details. It's MUCH appreciated and you're all very thoughtful.
I'm sorry I can't respond to all.. too many pms LOL
But you're in my thoughts
GIANT hugs

PS: Hey Mods... can we please stickey this on all the forums??? So that we don't miss anyone that doesn't visit Chit-Chat???

It's now a sticky thread BUT it can only be in ChitChat because it has nothing to do with nails, beauty or hair :wink2:

Happy Christmas Geeks :D (OMG I can't believe I wrote the 'C' word and it's only October lol)
Thanks for making me a stickey!!:hug:

Ahh right, that's true re: not being nail related. Well, maybe Sam will post again on the home page, that helps get people's attention. :green:

Crazy, aye? Halloween decor is still up, haven't gone trick or treating yet, BUT starting Christmas LOL
No help for it, this is a lengthy process LOL:lol:
I'm up for the secret Santa can put me on the list!:green:
Just wanted to say a big thank you and well done to Victoria for organising this for us. I hope it goes smoothly. Teresa xxx
Thank you Victoria for making the effort to do this again, you are a true star,
i have sent you a PM hun and hopefully remembered every thing,
i don't want rubber dog poo lol
Thank you Victoria for organising this again at what is a very busy time.
My details are on their way to you.
What would we do without you victoria you did a fab job last year and know doubt you will do the same this year.
My details are on the way.
oh this is fun!!! My first one here too!!

thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug::hug:

I will be posting the list tomorrow of everyone that has supplied details so far.
I'll only post names, just so you can verify that I haven't missed you by mistake.
It's now past my bedtime, and I just finished sorting through about 20pm's LOL:lol:
So the list will be posted tomorrow of what I have so far.

Keep'em coming geeks!!
Let's beat last years record, I think it was 107? Or something like that?
Come on, get your names in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


I've already had one so far with no address HAHAHAHAHA
Makes it hard for Santa to deliver
New thread started for verification of the names received so far.
Please make sure that you're on the list.
I will update the list every 10names or so, that I receive.

Please refrain from posting on this thread posts along the lins of "Pmd you" etc. as these are specifically for one person and should be Pms.
PRETTY PLEASE DO NOT PUT 'NAILS' on your list of things.
There is to be absolutely NO exchange of nail-stuff!!!
This is the one day of the year/event on this site that is NOT nail-related by any stretch of the imagination.
It's to get to know each other better, and share in the Christmas/Holiday spirit of giving and thinking of one another.

List your hobbies, collectibles, interests..... PRETTY PLEASE

Oh yes, and "girly' or "sparkly" isn't much help:lol:

PLEASE help out our fellow shoppers, okey dokey?

Ok We all know Victoria does such a wonderful job of organizing this..


Now if any one would like to be Victorias secret santa please PM me and NOT her.. (I think a different one each year and the year before,s can organize her,s ... does that make sense..)

I will chose some one by the 2nd Nov so if you do not hear from me you can then go ahead and pm your details to Victoria.

I think I,m confusing myself at the mo..:irked::irked:

You do not need to know ant details as I still have her wish list and address.
pssssst..... M&S humbugs pretty please


It's been a full 24hrs that I haven't received any pm's.

Come on geeks, let's break last year's record!!! Get your names in!!!
This sounds like fun cant wait to get my geek name so i can send a prezy to one of ya,iv pm my name in xx
I've pm'd you Victoria, I haven't been posting but I have been in and out. Not a good year but getting on track again now. I missed this last year so really excited to be in time this year! :hug:

It's been a full 24hrs that I haven't received any pm's.

Come on geeks, let's break last year's record!!! Get your names in!!!

I already sent you everything you need.....gee I hope you got it ?:rolleyes: as I so want to be included in this .....anything with shopping involved ok ....I do need an excuse to go shopping !
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