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Apr 16, 2007
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I have some pictures of 3D nails that i had done and i really would like to hear your overal critique on these. Thx for taking the time :hug:


This is an airbrush base with a 3d girl in cat suit


A plain cutted tip with acrylic overlay to resemble the 3D portrait of a girl


A sculpted dragon with a red light inside the flame


One of my first 3D sculptures


3D rose
they are fantastic, iv never seen anything like them before.....wish i was that good! xx
Hey you certainly know what you're doing with your airbrushing, like the first one!
Although can't help but think that maybe the first one didn't need the 3D figure on the top. IMO I it's good enough with out.

So yep, the first one is my fav, but I'm a bit of an airbrush freak me!:lol:

Although I do appreciate the skill and effort gone in to your work on the 3d stuff, airbrushing tends to float my boat more!:wink2:

Thanks for sharing!
Thx katie and jules. Great to hear :green:

Airbrush is really fun hu? I like it a lot aswell...but then again i like making 3D figures so i got a bit carried away on the leopard design... couldnt control myself to smack one on there aswell :lol:

Thx a lot for replying :hug:
These are fantastic, was looking at them for ages :)
lol...thank you so much...

but eeeeuhm :rolleyes: don,t look at them too long either...maybe some flaws will start to pop up :green:

:hug: thx :hug:
Flaws??? You have got to be joking, they are fantastic I love the dragon and the flower and....... well everything really, did you use l&p to sculpt the figures hun?
Ooooh your too sweet :wink2:

Yeah, they are completely made from colored acrylics + on some i painted a few details wit acrylic paint like tha butterfly wings.
Wow, pretty amazing stuff!
Fantastic work you have worked hard there xxxxxxx
Thx! yeah it took some time to make one :rolleyes:

But i have a whole box full now of these type of nails...when i get bored i do one:lol:
WOW absolutly amazing i love them all x :green:
They are bloody amazing, all of them,
let us know if you ever enter comps on here so we know not to bother lol
Really amazing!!! WOW!! :)
Thx everyone :wink2:

lol louby lou....:D I have never entered a competition before and when i actually get it that there is one going on it,s allready over ;)

I,m thinking maybe next year if the cash is there to participate at the nailympics in the category nailart. It,s just the fact to get there, find a model, etc... It always held me a bit back of entering.

I would love to do more detailed and complex 3D if i would know that it was for the sake of something. My 3D nails have served to be in scratch magazine twice and once in the nails magazine since those were the only times i contacted them if they could use them for something. Elsewise they just lie around collecting dust :D



These are absolutely amazing! You're so talented!
Im sure you would have a queue of willing models to help you out if you did enter,
and i am sure who ever was your model would have the added benifit of learning loads from you on the day.
Good luck to you if you do decide to enter but i dont think you will need any luck, i think you would win hands down.
Loubylou...come here and give me a hug :hug:

It,s fun to read all these posts...makes me feel warm and happy inside :Look_righ:D:Look_left

wow!i love it!!!
how do u do these..??..really nice!
Thx :wink2:

It,s a mixture of acrylic sculpting techniques that i combine to make them.
But mainly they have been build up from the base by using small beads of acrylic and shaping the overal sculpture in this way. They do take a while to make...everytime when i have done one i feel i got nearsighted :lol:

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