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Oct 5, 2004
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Hi...thought it might be interesting to see what we all do...and cos i am nosey !! :lol:

i was going to do this yesterday but as the day before was Sunday and i don't work on Sundays i thought I'd wait for today and do about yesterday....confused yet ..??:lol:

So...A day in the life of baggy

woke at 9am...kids already up and dressed, fed and watching tv...well trained...:green:

did some housework and geeked for most of the morning. also rang british gas about my electricity bill as they are still getting it all wrong.

2 clients rang asking if they could switch appointments...so i just swapped them both over.

2 more clients rang and 1 booked for a NNO in 2 weeks and the other said she would get back to me.

First client came at 12.30...NNO rebalnce...she had been doing some gardening and noticed she had cracked 1 of her nails....dirt and wet had got in there and she knows about greenies as she had one once....so she decided to file the gel off herself so that she could clean the nail !!...she did an ok job really...nail wasn't too glowing...:lol:....anyway she said she had lots more gardening to do in the next 3 weeks and so had them all filed short and overlaid with pink gel only....nice and easy.

fed the kids and geeked a bit more....:)

played polly pockets with amber and tayla and then ended up play fighting on the floor...ria went swimming with her mates.

Next client came at 4.30 and brought sweets for the kids..:hug: NNO rebalance again...1 nail off....she said she had caught it and then bit it off....very unlike her as she has never been a biter. she has lovely long nails and they are nice and slim...suit her hands so well. She only has overlaid with pink and then she paints them herself at home...as she always manages to smudge them after leaving me. so another easy job....ohh and i sculpted a new one on her missing finger....she always tips me an extra £5 which is so nice of her but not necessary.

...rob had come home from work and fed kids...they went to bed and then we had our dinner.

next client came 7.45 and she has short NNO rebalance in soft white french. all nails where fine...she last came 4 weeks ago and she had hardly any growth....so another nice and easy job and it was nice to do a french for a change....she has a damaged thumb nail that grows full of ridges from an accident when she was younger...its quite sensitive in zone 3 so prep is always very softly done there. I tend to build that nail a bit thicker to fill the ridges and make it nice and smooth.

Thats me done...then had another coffee...chattted to rob and watched TV...while geeking of course.

so whats a typical working day like for you...???
Well today HRH got me up at 6.15am demanding to be let out and then fed her breakfast. I made myself 2 mugs of tea and started geeking.
Fed the washing machine - makes me feel like I'm doing housework.
Repaired a nail that had a fight with the tumble drier.
Showered and dressed at er 11.00am:o:o:o
Booked 2 clients in - yippee, personal recommendations
Got myself some lunch - sitting here geeking and nibbling
Promising to get my act together shortly, housework, ironing
Only client today is at 6pm
Today up at 7am yes in the morning :eek
10am first client infill
12pm Took mum to the hospital for weekly trip there
1pm Got home had dinner cleaned round and geeked
3pm Client booked for gel toes
5pm Teatime
6pm Manicure booked
8pm geek or tv
1am bedtime
thanks girls...but what i really meant was a full day of what you've done...so really as we are only half way through today it would be better to do it for yesterday....i would love to hear about what clients you had and what was involved...what was the service....i thought it might just show a variety of the sorts of clients we all get.....or even the similarities.

I am grateful for your replies so far though....:hug:
thanks girls...but what i really meant was a full day of what you've done...so really as we are only half way through today it would be better to do it for yesterday....i would love to hear about what clients you had and what was involved...what was the service....i thought it might just show a variety of the sorts of clients we all get.....or even the similarities.

I am grateful for your replies so far though....:hug:

Right will fill it in tomorrow just dont fall asleep reading it :)
thanks girls...but what i really meant was a full day of what you've done...so really as we are only half way through today it would be better to do it for yesterday....i would love to hear about what clients you had and what was involved...what was the service....i thought it might just show a variety of the sorts of clients we all get.....or even the similarities.

I am grateful for your replies so far though....:hug:
Oh dear silly me - its getting up so early that does it:eek::eek::eek:
Got up at 7.45am, geeked with morning coffee and did some housework
9.45am went to work, sold some advertising space
Home for lunch at 2pm, geeked with lunch and more coffee
4.45pm took puppy to the vets for vaccinations and health check
6pm back to work for a couple of hours, sold some more advertising space
8pm left work, went to supermarket
9-10pm had dinner, friend rang for a chat, geeked some more
11pm chatting to friends on msn, got engrossed in my book and went to bed at stupid o'clock!
Gosh now what did I do? i can't even remember an hour ago, never mind yesterday!

Okay up at 7, took the dogs out for a pee. Back into the apartment and then geeked and breakfasted! Off to work, first day back after being in UK.

trying to remember my clients now. First one was a full leg wax, eyebrow tint and wax. Her eyebrows are really thick and grey so I have to leave it on for 15 minutes!!! Then she had an Academie essential oil facial which she loved, and has booked for a Nimue facial in three weeks. Then I had a lady for a half leg wax, bikini wax, and file and polish on her toes. Then I had a young girl in for an eyelash tint. She has quite problematic skin and is very conscious of it, so talked her through what Nimue can do for her and her and her mum seemed very interested so hopefully that will come off. I think there was another client, but I can't for the life of me remember! then i had a good clean up!

Then I went home at 4.30, ravenous cos I hadn't had time for lunch (that's why I think there was another client, but the diary is at the salon). Let the dogs out who were very miffed that I hadn't been back at lunch time. Had a bit of a geek (nuff said there!). Phoned up my mate up and we had a long chat as she had been very badly bullied yesterday, and i wanted to cheer her up :hug:. had another geek!

Ate my meals on wheels dinner - there is a couple over here who make home cooked meals, plate them up , freeze and deliver them, it's brill and makes me eat properly as I'm on my own). took the dogs for a walk and then geeked a bit more! Had to have the fan on in my bedroom last night for the first time as the weather has suddenly stepped up a gear. the noise of the fan kept waking me up!

And that's about it really! Today already I have had a half leg and bikini wax and file and paint on toes, a Nimue facial, and eyebrow tint and wax ... back to work in a mo for a full leg and bikini wax and a manicure on another client. Will finish about 7. I love being busy, the rest of the week looks quite quiet though.

BTW I used to love playing Polly Pockets with the girls. Ooh tht reminds me I nearly burst into tears in front of my first client. A song came on by Diana Ross from the film The Land before Time. it reminded me of when I used to watch it with the girls and Little Foot's mother dies and we always used to cry. funny how a song can evoke such memories because that must be well over ten years ago, and it got me right to the bottom of my heart! But then i cry at anything these days!
wow sassy your day was a busy one...which do you prefer...beauty or nails...?
My day began by hubby waking me an hour earlier than I thought it was. He gets up with the larks and thinks everybody else should do the same. I knew I had to get my eldest daughter to GP urgently so dashed of to make the appointment (I can never reach them by phone) only to find I was an hour before opening, lol.

Dashed out again at 8:30am and made appointment for 9am and one for myself for my back at 9:10am so had to get home to pick up the girls and then back to GP for 3rd time:rolleyes:.

Then dropped off script (daughter has ear infection) at pharmacy and then back home to load her luggage for camp into the car before picking up script and dosing her up.

Dropped her off at pickup point and stayed to wave goodbye. Back home by midday to give my little one lunch. I made a couple of calls and geeked much of the afternoon whilst looking after the neighbours daughter as neighbour had to go in to work briefly. When neighbour arrived back home and we were chatting at my door, my loveable but dozy retriever escaped onto the road, stopped the traffic yet again before being bought back home by a doggy loving driver. I then went and shopped for groceries before making dinner.

Hubby came home and we had wine o'clock and I also phoned camp to check on my eldest daughters health and well being. Then I geeked some more. Went to bed just after midnight.
Awakened by the beasty boy at 5.30am ... mummeeeeeeee I have had a poopoo on my potty...... mummeeeeeee..... !

So another day began. Lazed back in bed until Carl got up at 6.10 for his shower, James and I snuggled up while daddy got his shower and got ready for work. When Carl left for work I jumped in the shower while James played with his new torch in my bed.

Had breakfast with James then my daughter got up and got ready for work. Gemma offered to take James to nursery for me which was very helpful so I could get ready for my first client.

10am first client in for a back massage (I remembered to plug in the underblanket when I got up thankfully). After her massage she had her nails painted and nail art.

12 noon - had a quick sarnie and checked out the geek site.

1pm 2nd client half leg wax. She wanted her brows waxing too and I used my new hot wax and was thrilled with the result. (so was she :) )

3pm First spray tan of the day.
3.45 2nd tan - return customer who loves having her tan each week.

4.00 Electrolysis client who has been coming for the last 20 weeks and I haven;t seen her for 5 weeks due to her being ill, me being ill, James being ill etc etc and I could really see the difference. She said she had noticed too that suddenly the hairs were not growing back and I only removed 20 hairs off her face... it used to be a lot more I can tell you :)
5pm - off to pick up James from nursery.

Played with james with playdoh until 6ish when his dad came home and he took him up for his bath.

6.30 2 spray tans - sisters came together for dutch courage lol!

7.30 - managed to grab 10 mins for snuggles with James before his bedtime.

8pm 2 more spray tans - mother and daughter. Both booked in for next week to have gel toes on Thursday evening. Mum is having nail enhancements on Wednesday evening. Daughter is having spray tan and french manicure on Friday, the eve before her wedding.

9pm finished in the salon for the day.

9.30 had warmed up chicken pasta bake and got ready for Big Brother.

Geeked until 11pm then felt it was time for bed.

A nice easy day with lovely pleasant clients. My sort of day :)
Right, yesterday......

6:30 got up, showered, ironed a shirt for Stacy, sorted out stuff for school (dinner money etc.)
7:30 woke up kids!
8:25 leave for school
9am first client - full set of p&w l+p on a chef who's off work for the summer. She cam't wear nails when she's working.....
11am second client - 3 repairs on a housework obsessed client!
11:30 delivered buffer to a client who paid for it on Friday
12pm delivered a very late birthday present to my friend
1pm third client - rebalance on a nail biter who is doing really well
3pm pick kids up from school, Michael watched wrestling til his friend came round, Kara plays with her toys
Also, cook tea, supervise Michael's homework, wash up, empty dishwasher etc...... Oh, and pick up some texts, 1 client wants to cancel her appt, I then fill it with someone else.....!
6:45 fourth client - meant to be a rebalance but turned out to be new full set. She does this to me every now and again....... Mixed a deep red/burgundy powder and did a single colour overlay that looks like Rouge Noir when the gel topcoat is on top.... She was well chuffed!
8:30 filled car up with petrol, headed home, had some manky pasta thing in a pot for tea, watched some tv.....
10:30 went to bed and read Harry Potter til 11:30.....

Today is similar, 3 clients in the day and 2 tonight...... Michael's out playing, Kara is watching Narnia...... Quite busy really!!!

Interesting thread Angie! Also, nothing wrong with being nosey - it's the best way to find things out, lmao!!!!
wow sassy your day was a busy one...which do you prefer...beauty or nails...?

I'm not sure, I hate waxing with a passion and would love not to have to do it. I like a treatment to be relaxing for the client and for them to enjoy it, and waxing just doesn't do that! But I love doing facials, I really get into it and feel at one with my client, and that's what I am going to specialise in. I haven't really done any nails out here yet, apart from Manis and Pedis. I would like to have a few nail clients and keep a balance between nails and facials. I also love spray tans and do quite a few of those (yes here in Spain!).
Well yesterday I was still quite poorly, had a stinking rotten cold all weekend and still suffering on Monday. Cancelled my earliest client as I knew I wouldn;t be fit by 9am, and my evening client as it wasn't till 8.45 and I knew I'd be knackered by them, and reschedule them in for later in the week.

I emerged from my bed around 9.30, my youngest had a bath and I had to rake through for headlice (yes after 3 years reprieve they've returned), took paracetamol, bit more lying on the bed lol, sucking Strepsils and watching kids TV with my girls 8 & 10. Took them round to my mums for lunch, I got myself together ready for my midday client who had said she still wanted her appointment even if I was totally contagious as she's going on holiday tomorrow and needs them doing (I so hope she hasn't caught it but there you go, I did give her the option of cancelling). really struggled with the appointment though, and I kept coughing and had to excuse myself and go and blow my nose twice.

Spent the afternoon nursing myself better and drinking tea, got tea for the kids, watched a bit of telly (it was rubbish) and went to bed soon after 9.

Not exactly a typical day. Will post again when I'm healthy!
great thread!!

got up at 7 am
got ready for work and put a load of washing in machine and left instructions with my son ,for the other load to go in after!
emptied dishwasher, and wiped round bathroon,
had a quick coffee whilst checking geek site quickly
8.30 left for work only couple mins away!!
got to work, opened up, checked post and looked at everyones appt for the day
brewed up for the girls as they arrived and listened to them about their raucous weekends!!( im soo old!)
9.am all clients arrive and once everyone is ok, i go off and do the banking for both salons and check everyone at the other salon is ok, and there are no problems!!( phew)
back to my salon and do ordering etc,
my first client arrives at 10 am, its a rebalance and all is ok
i have chance to grab a brew and sort out rep who arrives
12pm, next client is a rebalance and all is ok
after she goes i try and do some more ordering but cannot get through!! so then i sort out all the paperwork for the last week
2pm next client which is just infills and she is no probs but she takes forever choosing her polish!! when she goes she comes back after smudging it on car door!! arghhh!! but a quick swipe and i redo she offers to pay but i say leave it its no bother, so she tips me a fiver!! kerching!!
no one in now till 4 , so i try to sort the holidays out but cant get into it as everyone else is busy on the computer booking appts and taking payments, so i sit in staff room and sort the rotas out for the juniors, days off etc
4 pm next client is rebalance but wants some glitter on instead of the white , but doesnt tell me until im about to get ready for the application, and id left white on the nail!!!
so i had a mad fit with my file and removed all the white and applied a gold type glitter!!!
so finally im finished, sort the salon out, make sure monies are in safe, check appts for tomorrow for everyone and lock up and go home
6.30 get home hubby has made tea for us( bless) eat tea, chat about our day, i then geeked ( as im doing now)
then i showered
after my shower i tackled ironing ( boo)
then i cleaned kitchen and had a sort around tidying etc,
then its 8.30 so its wine o clock and thats me then for the night!!!
geeked watched big brother geeked some more, had a chat with mates on msn
went to bed at about midnight thats it!!!
this is great reading....doesnt it amaze you how much we get through in a day when its all written down....x
my full day was yesterday so here goes.
got up at 7.15 well my youngest lad got the other 2 boys and me up.
got their breakfast and sorted their rooms out, beds made windows opened etcsorted washing out into piles. sat and had a brew and 2 ciggies, sorted my life out
cleaned bathroom....have too every 2 hours anyway...(3 boys and crap aiming)
put 3 boys into the car went to tesco to get lunchables for the boys and neice and nephew....dropped boys off at sis in law.
10.00 arrived in birkdale to do a regulars rebalance and polish (limited edition)
then drove to another lady for her usual shape and polish (red baroness)
picked the boys up, came home then played sims2 :o whilst the boys played runescape.
then hairdresser came for a repair
did tea.....pizza for the boys saddo meal for one for me(i do serve up many healthy dinners too..but not today lol)......geeked inbetween....
hoovered through after the boys had supper...shouted up the stairs as paul my youngest was dressed like a ninja sporting a junior pool cue......his 2 brothers were giggling but cowering on the bottom bunk :eek:
my mate rang me to say she is back in england for a month so arranged her coming down this weekend....for a night out on the lashy loo.
watched big brother...put dishes away sorted ironing pile out....my favourite...not. sat outside and smoked a few more ciggies
went to bed at about 11.30 read my book
OMG I feel so lazy now,
All I have really done today is
got up at about 8.30am and went to see my business advisor, took in my finished price list (he said I had excelled myself ..yay me!) and I also took in my business plan, he is going to look over it for me.
Then I came home, and tidied up,had a gab on msn for a bit,
worked on my website again, with help from another geek (as always lol..I have about 4 peeps on this case haha )
erm more tidying up ..OOH yes I finally sorted out my youngest daughters grotty minging bedroom, took forever !
Then my neices came, so I did them both a set of enhancements,
Made the tea,
My neices came back over with my nephew his girlfreind and their mum, so all of us , the dog and 5 cats all squashed together in the kitchen ..nice one !!

My youngests friends dad came and asked if i could keep her for a bit , as her older brothers were kicking the cr@p out of eachother,
which she saw anyway, and ended up in tears !!
Now she has gone home, my neices are staying over, and I am sat here enjoying the quiet in this house :lol:
hmmm let's see, I've done the same thing everyday so far this week.
Get up around 8.30/9.00am sit around doing nothing, maybe watching a little tv or reading a book or having a snooze. Do a little bit of geeking, help a mate with her webby. It's pretty much going to be the same for the next 3 weeks or so, I'm not allowed to do anything, oh the joys of surgery.

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