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Feb 6, 2006
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West Yorkshire
Just wanted to say a big thanks to those who have given me support over the last few days, here are a few pics for you.
charlie-joe.JPG charlie-joe1.JPG cj.JPG smiler.JPG

what a handsome chap!

Just read your journals:hug:what an awful time your having at the moment.

Hope things improve hun - especially when little ones are involved its heartbreaking:hug::hug:

amb x
Awwww! He's such a beautiful boy!! and the last picture, what a cutie pie.

He's obviously smiling as he sooooo happy, god bless you all!

Teri x:hug:
Awwwww bless him what a gorgeous little boy and a beautiful smile too.

Rachel xx
pip I read your dairy ...I'm sorry you are having a tough time xx

but cj is a little star look at that smile for nana xx god bless him and good for you for looking out for him xxxx
I too read of your difficulties and remember you so proudly talk of becoming a grandma. You have had a tough time. Thank you for sharing these pics. Just too gorgeous for words.:hug:
Hi pips, just red your journals,I wanted to let you know I'm vvery close and will be thinking of you in the days to come.
My mum (died last july) used to say words are not enough to tell how much you care for the little ones.
I keep two pics of hers holding my kids one in each arm (when they were two weeks and two years old) and happily smiling as i have never seen her all my life.
All the best.:hug:
aww bless him, i am so glad you get to have him for a couple of days xxx
The most beautiful thank you I have ever seenxxxxxx:hug:
I just read your journal hun - what an awful time your having!
Enjoy your time with him for the next couple of days and spoil him rotten - he's a little cutey and i hope things get better for you!! xx
Soooo cute! Enjoy the time you have with him and I hope it all gets sorted soon.:hug::hug:
Awwwww pips he is so adorable :hug:

I just read your journal - it has brought a tear to my eye.
I really feel for you, depression is bad enough, without everything you and your family are having to go through.

My thoughts are with you and I hope this girl sees sense and realises that what she is doing is causing heartbreak and pain.

My 3yr old sons nan (on his dads side) couldn't give a toss when she sees him (she had 6 grown up boys and now hasn't got any interest in boys - its a different matter for her granddaughters though)! It makes me so mad that she is like that and you are struggling to see yours.

I hope things work out for you all and you get to spend more time with your precious grandson.

Keep strong



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