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Mar 5, 2003
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Hi all

Just a quickie from me. Just wondering if a few of you would be able to comment on the question below for the June issue of Professional Nails.

You've all been fab with your responses so far, so here's poser for the bumper fun book:

Q. What's the strangest thing that's every happen to you in your salon?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

And as always - I will try and publish as many as possible, so please include YOUR FULL NAME AND NAME OF BUSINESS.

Feel free to PM me or email [email protected].

Take care y'all and have a lovely weekend.

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Well we have only neen open a month so nothing really strange......YET!!, but am looking forward to reading about other peoples experinces!
I once was applying tips using Solar Seale adhesive which is liquid viscosity! Anyway, the adhesive ran down the back of the tip as I was applying it and it stuck to my thumb as well as her finger :cry: I had to cut the tip across the middle and work with the end of the tip stuck to my thumb for the rest of the full set!! I felt a real plonker but we did laugh!! Anyway, that was years ago!;) I am sure the others will have far more exciting stories than that!!:D
We once had a man come into the salon, dressed as a woman, who wanted a full set and a different nail art design on every nail!
This at the time was very unusual for me as I had never met a trans-sexual before and this guy was awaiting the operation.
Mik ... later known as Kim ... (Mik spelled backwards in case you didn't get it) turned out to be one of our best clients in terms of demanding allot from us artistically (he had huge nail plates) and never minding how much he spent to get what he wanted. One of the few clinets who always had nail art at every appointment .... we made mucho dinero form him/her. Quite a character.
a few months ago i had a lady turn up to use one of the sun beds at about 5.50 pm dressed in her dressing gown slippers and heated rollers in her hair :o .i was sat there performing a manicure on a clients nails when in she walked ...i am not sure which was funnier her attire or the looks on our faces :eek: ..we had a really good laugh when she went into the sun bed cubicle ...i had a quiet word with her before she left and she said she had driven two miles and thought it would save time as she needed to take a shower before she went out that evening..she still uses the sun beds but comes adequately dressed now:rolleyes: :lol:
deborah thomas
debbies world of nails
Hi ya Kat, hope you are ok, missed our chats, im sure you have been so busy, will catch up soon.

Our madest salon experience was when my sister Kerrie was doing a set of nails on a lady, she was in tears, she had found out her husband had recently had an fling, she was slating this other woman, :mad: (understandable).

I was in the treatment room doing a leg wax, and there is a small gap over the wall, you can hear whats going on out in the front nail room. Well my lady started crying! Whats up? It only turns out she is the "other" woman!!! What a small world, we had to hide my lady in the staff room until Kerries lady had gone!

What a mess!
In my wifes mobile days, she had to lay out her work area on many different sized/shaped work surfaces, you know what i mean (dining room table, dressing table, foot stool or ironing board) basically any flat surface you can lay you hands on, So therefore no set tool layout. one hot summers day she took a bottle of water with her. Part way through the service she made the mistake of quenching her thirst with Monomer, to this day she cannot understand how it happened as the the bottles are totaly different in size, shape and colour. on her return home i had to give her a stern warning about the waste of such an expensive item.:)

P.S. Only last week while removing the top from the adhesive bottle with her teeth:?: she stuck her lips together, BUT sadly the relief from nagging was short lived, it was only 5 mins before she was back to verbal free flow. lol

Luv her to bits.......H
I can't stop laughing....thats made my day!!

Just got in from work and read herman's thread...................he's had it now......anyway i wudn't nag if he did as he was told the first time:eek: , but i have to say it's true.....and monomer taste's horrible if your wandering:eek:

Hi all I was cleaning my air gun out while waiting for my clients nails to soak off. The nozzle was blocked badly so i pulled it out with my teeth (stupid i know) I then put the air on with out thinking I aimed it straight at my client. Her glassed were splatterd with white paint, I felt so bad she did find it quite funny thou. Lucky for me she could have been quite upset over it. Anyhow i learned my lesson and clean my gun well away from my clients.
talking of funny places to do a set of nail extensions....... in my mobile days and before I had my own table to take with me I once did a set of nails in the bathroom with my client sat on the loo (seat down of course !!) and me perched on the edge of the bath with her baby's high chair at it's lowest setting as my working table.
Boy was I glad to escape there - my bum was so numb !!! Not to mention my poor eyes because of the lack of adequate lighting (I decided electric lamp in the bathroom was not a good idea !!)
This only happened to me this morning........i was in the middle of doing a natural overlay in gel on one of my regulars who spoke about the heavy night she had before and the hangover she has this morning :cool:.
I said to her that she looked rather pale and asked if she would like to have a glass of water to go along with her lucozade that she had brought with her. By this time she has one hand under the UV lamp curing and another almost ready to go under also. With that she prompted me that she needed to visit the bathroom and I asked if we could finish curing the second hand as the gel is not set.
'Oh, please I cannot wait, I must go now..' and with that up she got and continued to the bathroom with me in tow explaining that the gel will not be
I went back to my station, imagining and awaiting the worst, (gel on the walls, toilet seat around the sink etc.)
Finally, she emerged very sheepishly with a embarrassed look on her.
'Im so sorry, I think i have ruined my nails.'
I took one look at them and not only had she smudged them but also decided naturally to wash her hands with soap and water!!! :cry:

Not letting on that I was upset by this, I reassured her that her welfare was more important and we laughed it off and I just carried on 'saving, rescueing, creating them.

Jacki - Create nails for you
Let me see...

There's the time I stuck my tongue to my teeth when trying to clear the nozzle on my resin bottle with my teeth (stupid girl! :rolleyes: ), the time I splattered resin all over my face and IN MY EYES (nearly gave my client a heart attack - felt such a fool! :o ), the time a particularly hungover client was violently sick (very unpleasant :green: ), and the time I was offered £50.00 by a potential male client to perform a topless manicure (needless to say, I didn't... I mean, ONLY FIFTY QUID?! He's havin a laugh...!! ;) ).

However, none of these beat the story a fellow nail-tech friend told me today... she went into labour whilst doing nails. Apparantly she just quietly and calmly informed her client she wa having contractions... and finished her full set off before going to the hospital :lol: . Mad woman... that's what I call commitment!!!
I have been having an absolute giggle reading these!!! To Debbiznails - I was considering putting on my swimsuit, bath robe and going straight to the gym in the morning at about 6:30 - figuring no one would be there and it's just down the road - don't think I shall bother now :o Rachel (choc) that was a classic story - it just had to happen - no one should ever forget what a small world we love in!!!
They are all so excellent. As not been mobile for that long nothing out of the ordinary has really happened.....
Just one thing i thought of, I was at a clients house doing a set of L&P when i'd just set up my table, got out my pink and white powders. As most of you probably do, i have my pink powder in a pink pot, white powder in a white pot. My clients little boy decided to look in the white pot at the same point of sneezing...... well you can imagine what happened, his mum ended up looking like a snowman. I preceded to use my soft brush to dust as much off of her face as possible, luckily none went in her eyes.

After this incident she thankfully made sure her children were out of the way. One of the perks of being mobile :D
Hiya. Im only new to this industry so dont have many tales to tell yet but I have one case where I had applied tips and fibreglass to a friends nails. Whilst these were drying I popped to the toilet. I couldnt stop laughing when I came back to find that my friend had decided to try to roll a roll up to smoke and the tobacco from grabbing a handful from the tin had stuck to every single nail.
She looked like a yeti. We couldnt stop laughing.
Just started doing nails and I was using white tips for Wrap on a new client, I'd just finished sizing the tips and was starting to glue them when I could not find the tip for the clients index finger I looked no sign on table - so got another tip and and applied ....2 hours later sat with my best friend having a vody & coke in the local pub when low and behold it repaired it was stuckfast to my forearm....a little of the mark on position eh..
One of my oldest and most 'pain in the bum' clients had just got back from holiday. I did her service (gell infills) at the end when I prepared her bill, she informed me she could pay by either foreign currency (how she'd work it out i'll never know!) or Marks and Spencers gift vouchers!!!! Wat do ya say :cry: I took the vouchers!! ( told her she could pay on her next service but she was havin none of it, lol. Can you imagine walking into Tesco or Marks and sayin, well i can pay you in argos vouchers or dollars????
Clients eh!!! who'd av em!!!!
When i worked mobile (a few years ago), i was doing a full set of gel nails in the evening for a customer. It was 6pm but the sun was still out, i was doing her nails in the dinning room with a patio door behind me(which was open to help cool us down). I was unaware that the sun was belting down straight onto the pot of gel!!!!! As I came to do the second hand the gel has set solid with the help of the sun!!!!! :mad:
My brush had also started to set, I had no more gel and everywhere was shut!!! It took me ages to soak my brush, i took the big thick layer off the top of the gel pot, luckily i just about had enough gel to finish her nails......thankfully :o
Now I always make sure I do gel nails in the closet.....lol :biggrin:

MJ's World of Beauty
:lol: lol! some of your stories are v funny!!

i rememeber once when i was working in a local salon before going self employed we had a lady come in (she wasnt even a regular client) saying that her car had been stolen (the salon was right near a car park) and asking to use the phone so of course we let her and she called the police to report it, then she asked me if she could use the phone again to call her husband but he was out shopping at pc world so she needed the number so im standing there looking in the yellow pages for it, i think in the end she rang 192 (directory inquires as it was then) and got the number
at this point i left her too it and went back to my client
she eventually gets through to him and i'll never forget it the next thing you hear her say is "what do you mean youve got the car!!" with that she had a right go at him, slammed the phone down and stormed out with out even a word of thanks for the use of the phone - i just hope here hubby wasnt in too much trouble!!.........lol

another time we had someone call the salon saying they had left their shopping next to the fruit and veg stall (there was a local maket in the square where the salon was every saturday) and asked if id go and pick it up for them to pick up later.....funnily enough they werent a client either!!


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