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Jul 28, 2010
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I did a friends nails on tuesday, just pink and white overlays. Her thumb had a tiny red patch on the side, almost like she had knocked, nothing hugely unusual, didnt look infected etc, i asked if it was sore, and she said not teribbly... got to prepping, put primer on and eek it hurt... after 10 mins tho it calmed down and she said it was much better, but i could see where the primer had gone under her nail ever so slightly, that some of her nail was slightly lose so i asked if she had caught at some point, and she said yes she had, so i was more gentle, and she said it felt fine. Did overlays, she left happy, rang her today and she said the nails r looking fab but she thinks she needs em removed.... she said she thinks she has an infection under the nail as its gettin sorer and redder... she has an app at docs later and i have said to ask advice from him as to whether it would be ok to even soak them in acetone... I would think not, and that she should leave them and use treatment til it is healing before messing about with them... but i could be wrong n hopin someone could advise me please...
Hi there .... you wont really know until she has seen the doctors it sounds like that area of the nail has been bruised and perhaps as you say due to the knock its had lifted in that particular spot, primer scrub fresh & other products will sting like hell with the lifted area it is possible that she has a slight infection under the nail plate (only a doctor can determine that) just from general day to day activities, as it had lifted from the side wall, I personally probably wouldn't have put a enhancement on it until it looked more settled and had started to heal. Follow her up with a call later see how she got on with the doc.
There is no need to remove all the nails just because one is sore.

I'm sure the doctor will say it is best to leave the thumb alone until it is less sore.
My initial thought was that doctor will prob say leave alone, like i say til the primer went on i didnt really know there was much wrong, and she said it wasn't that sore til the primer stung... she just has a permanent french overlay, no tips or anything like that. As i got to the thumb (which i did last) i asked how it felt now before applying the overlay and she said it felt a lot better, still a little sore but nowhere near what it was...I thought this would be ok and might help to stregthen it? Was that wrong? If i thought for one min it was infected i wouldnt have touched it... it has since become infected (well she thinks). I did say to her that all wouldn't need removing due to it tho. Could i have caused the infection by applying the primer?I thought maybe it may have irritated it a little, but like i say i did them tuesday and thought this would definitely have died down by now. She is popping in after the doctor to say what he said. Just wondering if ever faced with this situation again, wot should have i have done differently? I have advised using gloves (which i would usually anyway) when putting hands into water, and not to do anything too strenuous to the thumb which might make it hurt more... and not to pick at the overlay either NO MATTER WHAT! Any other advice i should have given her?
I can't really advise on the soreness or infection but personally I might advise taking the length of that nail as short as possible so it can't get knocked or pulled. That is if the nail bed isn't too sore to allow this.
Ok just an update - doc said there was an infection in nail bed... and has given anti biotics cream, However did advise enhancement to be removed in order for her to file her nail slightly before application of the cream, so it can soak in... i advised her to let him know about soaking in acetone and he said to try cotton wool with acetone on to soak 1st, and if ok then immerse if not stinging.... there was no stinging with the acetone, and altho her nail was sore, i used a low grit file to remove top coat before soaking, which did take some time but less trauma to the nail plate which i felt most important... she had taken pain killers before coming to help with any pain. I hadn't seen this thread, but whilst i was taking off the enhancements (she wanted all removed because thought it would look odd) i did offer to file that nail down a bit more and on the side of infection took it as low as possible, she thought this would be a good idea to avoid catching too. Before she left over the 9 fingers (not infected one) i applied a base coat and clear varnish. And left the thumb alone!!! She had had the french overlays on for 5 days, and they were solid, not a mark in site, which she couldnt believe, despite scrubbing a bbq the day before very roughly! As soon as the infection has gone, she is keen to have them re-done tho... i asked her to ask doc if anything i did would have affected this and he said no, it was the initial trauma, and as the nail had been pulled away, any bacteria that could get in there would cause the infection... i still feel a bit guilty tho, even tho doctor and her said it is not my fault....

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