all 3 clients re-booked wooohooooo


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Jan 18, 2007
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now i know its early days and ive not got anything for next week (thank god i need to clean my house, but some food and do some banking pmsl) but all 3 clients from today and yesterday have re-booked straight away, so week after ive got 2 and 1 the following week, they all want me to come regularly, and one had a friend turn up mid treatment, so i gave her a leaflet too lol

anyway gotta do ironing and take ash to ballet, so will pop on laer while toms at footy and do some catching up

i love working, but cant geek all day now pmsl

Nicky xxxxx
...and keep at it Nicky.Be patient and you will reap the rewards..."fantastique!!":hug:
So chuffed for you hun. Long may it continue.:hug:
That's great news Nicky ... am chuffed for you :hug:
aww thanks girls xxxxx:hug:
Nicky that's fab!! :hug:
you jammy bugger :lol: xxx
Fantastic news hun, wooooo hoooooooooooo :lol: :hug: xxxx
Well done you, I'm so pleased for you:):hug::)
Wooooo hoooo fab news, keep up the good work. :hug:
congratulations nicky.building up clients is not an easy obviously did a great job,well done:)
thanks all, i had another 2 yesterday too, they rang sat afternoon and i wasnt booked sun, so i said yes, 2 full manis and one had nail art, so nice little booking

Nicky xxx

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