Any guys doing spray tans?


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Jul 23, 2010
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Hi, I'm a newbie to the forums and doing research into the mobile spray tanning business at the moment. Just wondering if there are any guys out there who are making a living doing spray tans? My main reason for looking into this line of work is to be able to do something that will fit around my family commitments i.e. A full time working wife and 2 young children and as I have taken a back seat from doing 60-odd hour weeks (thank God!), I still need to have a small(ish) income stream and was thinking about the spray tanning business. I am under no illusion that this is a get rich quick job (what job is?) but as I used to be a spray painter on high performance cars and still do some custom airbrushing, I thought I would be more than capable of providing a quality tan (same technique different surface i guess!) The thing is, and it's an obvious question, would I be better just targeting the male population, bodybuilders,gyms etc? I know that perhaps most women would be very reluctant to have a male tan them, for obvious reasons, no matter how professional the service. Do any of you guys have much luck spraying both sexes? It goes without saying I would offer a very relaxed and professional service and a great looking tan!
Sorry for waffling on a bit, just putting you in the picture!! lol
I am currently trying out Celebrity Secrets and Couture products and will let you know how it goes!
Oh, I need a name too!! Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
we supply a very succesfull male spray tanner.he uses around 5 litres a month so that equates to around 125 tans,:lol:
He is a barber and has the back room of his shop for spray tanning, he says His clientelle are 50% gay men 30% female and 20% hetro males
Spray tanning is very popular on the gay and bodybuilding scene s but is also becoming popular with young trendy guys as well,
If you can spray a car you can spray a body:lol: I had no experience spraying bodys but plenty of experiance on car body work
you just need to understand the skin types that are suitable for what % solutions and how to mask the tell tale areas dry skin with a non oil based moisturiser,
a half day training course would be a good idea but make sure you go on a course that is recognised by the major beauty insurers some course certification is not worth the paper its written on, insurance is a must in my opinion and its relatively cheap at around £80
happy to help
Russ - I'd go for it - you may be able to exploit a "niche" in the market too, as the majority of spray tanners tend to be female, whereas some clients may prefer to be spray tanned by a man.

Perhaps you could even use this in your marketing, e.g. "Man Tan"... perhaps focusing on the more masculine reasons for getting a spray tan, using photos of tanned body builders etc.
Yeah - go for it Russ! It sounds like you have completely the right attitude and exactly the right experience.

Come to think of it, my Picasso needs a spot of stone chip on the front valance - so next time you're in the area . . . . :eek::lol: (only kidding!)

Seriously; Fantastic! Another bloke delivering excellent customer services from a bloke's point of view. Why not train for waxing too? You'll suprise yourself how busy you will be!

Best of luck with everything!

Definately go for it, in fact I'd suggest you give Steve above a call ... Nouvatan are one of the best Spray tan companies around.

Good luck!
Wow, thanks guys for a very positive response. I was a bit worried that people would think 'aye aye', a bloke doing spray tans, sounds a bit suss!!' lol.
But after reading your responses I am very encouraged to go for it. I am hoping that I might be able to exploit a 'niche' market, doing guys first and then if the ladies start making enquiries, well thats great. I would definately do a course, which I'm sure would be beneficial as well as helping me get insurance. I live in southport which is choc full of beauty salons but never seen any guys providing a service, so fingers crossed I will be able to pick up some business. I plan to start slowly anyway and hopefully word of mouth will be my best advertising.
Once again thanks and I'll keep you posted.

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