Any spare nail art stuff?


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Mar 1, 2005
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ok so im begging again:cry: and i know i have asked this before for a different cause.

i am looking for any spare nail art stuff anyone may have, i can afford to pay a small amount for it

i want it for the home my son lives in as we have art therapy every thursday with all the kids and adults as it is an informal 3 hours whare the kids can open up and chat/laugh about anything they want

the kids really want to try there hand at learning nail art but as i sold a lot of my stuff and gave most of the nail art stuff to a young mums grooup i only have a little nail art stuff left, maybe only enough for one session.

please if anyone has anything they could spare i and the kids would realy apreciate it as even a pot of glitter would realy make a big diference to these kids (and adults)
if anyone can help please pm me and let me know, i wont be on the pc tonight as i am off to the art therapy in about 10 minutes but will be on tomarow
PM me hun I have some that I bought when I started my mobile business but no one i do really wants nail art stuff.

all the best
I am sure I have stuff in my drawers i no longer use.....
I will go have a root now and see what I have .
I know I have enamels for sure if these are of any use ...
Ill let you know as soon as possible

You do lovely things hun, Big pat on the back for ya :Grope: :hug:
PM me an address I might have some stuff not sure if its all dried up or not but I'll have a look next week.
PM me hun, I have some bits and bobs that are really fun and I don't want much for them :hug:

I have some NailJazz Nail Polish DuoPens - my daughter has been at them but they are 'ok'

If you would like to pm me your address I will post them off to you :)
I have a pile of nail art stripers that I have never used. Send me an addy and i'll post em off asap xxxx
I have a few bits of stuff too - pm me your details hun.

x x x
thanks for the offers geeks, this stuff really will make a diference to the kids and give them something fun and postitve to do:hug:
I have it sll bagged up ready to send hun...will do it this afternoon xxxxxxx
pm me you addy hun I'm sure I've got some bits you can have.xx
Hey chick, PM me your details and I will send some stuff, I dont have heaps but have afew bits your more than welcome to :hug::hug::hug:
I can spare some rhinestones if you'd like them .... PM me with your details.
Parceled up and ready to go, I will get hubbie to post it in the morning.
Hiya - I am sure I have some stuff in a drawer at the salon. PM your address and will post them onto ya xxx

keep up the great work you do xx
I've got a couple of pots of glitter but that's all. PM me your address if you want them hun.
Hey hun. I posted it off to you today.had to do 2nd class so it will probably take a little longer, but should still be with you in a few days..

Theres some enamels , acrylic paints..etc..some stickers ,transfers some like sparkly shapes a few rhinestones ....cant remember what else lol...
Hope it comes in useful for the kids hun,

I think what you do is amazing, Like when you were doing the young mum thing last time...I was a "young mum" and would have abserloutly loved for someone to have come along and done something like that..
so hats off to you hun :hug:
thanks hun i will let you know when it gets here, and thanks to everyone else for the offers, as tesco sat "every little helps" and believe me these kids realy apreciate it:hug:, so do i as it helps take my mind of a lot of things to when i help the kids, just wish i could do more for them as the home has done so much for me and my son:hug:
Hi just to let you know hubbie posted it out today.
Put a couple of rolls of foils in, some sparklie glitter, some flat shapes and some nail art pens.
Hope these will be of use to you hun.

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