Anybody else have painful hands?


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Mar 11, 2003
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:( My basal joints are sooooooooooo sore. They had gotten better, now they seem to be super sore all the time again. The pain never truly left. My doctor says it's "basal joint arthritis." I take my glucosamine/chondroitin. Without them I could not bear the pain at all!!!
It's not carpal tunnel. I know lots of techs have that. Anybody else have the lower thumb/palm part connected to the thumb pain? How are you guys (with carpul tunnel or basal j.Arth.) coping? Have you cut down on clients? Are you teaching more now? What do you take?

Thanks for any response.

Hi Brenda,

I learned that I was holding peoples hands the wrong way. Bending my wrists the wrong way. Had to learn how to hold their hands all over again--the right way.

When I first started suffering with this a year ago, I stopped doing nails for 2 months, let them rest and when I started up again, I tried to change my habits. I guess I have "blackslidden." Maybe you or someone can give me more details of what you mean. I'd appreciate any help.

Hey Brenda - how did you learn to hold hands the correct way? I ask coz I'm new to nails and whatever I try I find it really awkward holding the client's hand (and it's kinda important). Is there any literature out there somewhere that illustrates the correct procedures???

Or am I being silly??? :joker:

I have only been doing nails for a year and lately I want to have my arms amputated. The pain starts from my fingertips all the way past my elbow in both arms. We have a lot of arthritis in the family, so its probably that. I hope its not carpel. The pain is so intense sometimes, I want to cry. :( It hurts mainly at night, but some days are bad too. I am 31, so I pray its nothing too major. Probably should have this check out, huh?
I do have CP & sounds like what I started with. At night your whole arm goes to sleep. Also, you arm & hand feel all tingie, like you craked you funny bone ! I had surgury on the right one, & i am right handed. I find its much better if you use the drill. & I also keep it warm, cold seems to make the pain worse.
Barb (NC)
Hi, I have some probs too :( I have a condition called Fibromyalgia (Fibro what, I hear you say) Most of my problems are stiffness in the neck followed by fingers - not good when you work hunched over someones hands for a couple of hours at a time. Its also my reason for working at home, pacing myself etc. OOhhh! and did I mention my chronic exhaustion, OOOhh! and then theres ........... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I can still laugh at myself though - good job too!
....need to learn Nail-Chi!!!! I'll let GMG explain :shock: . BTW, drills can actually make CTS worse. I am sure Barbie knows what she is doing but often it is drills that cause CTS but particularly bad posture. Let's discuss more, I would think Geeg would have some info on this too as she suffered once!!! ;)
I never mastered the "right" way, I guess. Edie in NC was the best help I'd ever gotten so far. I've invested a ton of money into nails so I'm gonna keep hope alive. Somebody out in cyber land: help us out! Please!!

Mrs Geek is right.
I had been doing nails for about 5 years and had NEVER had a break even for a holiday (that's why I retired early!) I also had never had the slightest twinge of pain ever.

Came back after a 2 week break and within DAYS I had both shoulder pain and pain in the elbow of my working hand. Couldn't figure it out and it went on for 2-3 weeks before I realized someone else in the salon had changed the height of my chair. I would have noticed the change instantly if I hadn't had the holiday break but being away I didn't notice on my return.

I was basically working without my forearm resting on the table for support and that was what caused all the problems. If it hurts, you are doing something wrong!!

Arms should always be supported by the table.
Your bottom should be well back in your seat with your back well supported.
You should not be 'hunched over' your client's hand with your nose in your work - get a good light and magnifying glasses if you can't see well enough to work sitting straight.
Raise your client's arm on an armrest or a rolled towel so that you do not have to support it or fight for possession of it!
Finally always point balance your working hand either on the table or by resting on a finger your other hand... just as any other artist would do. You can't work well with a brush when your working hand is not balanced.
Well, I suffered from that a few years back, but strangley enough in my left hand and I am right handed....................
the culprit was..... :hit: clients.................
They didn't relax their hand, thought they where helping me by keeping hands so stiff, I though :!: regamortise(spelling) had set in lol.
So when I tried to roll the finger from one side to the other, when filing, buffing and shining, I had to wrestle with them to get the fingers where I wanted them, not where they thought I wanted them.
So after weeks of this, I got a painfull Thumb joint, you know the fleshy part, Palmists call it the mount of venus. Well my mount of venus was in big trouble :fire:
So there was a simple cure........ :idea: ............Tell my clients relax, realx, realx..... and funny enough this worked.
So now I tell my clients if they dont relax, if you want me to wrestle with you, that will come under extra services and I will have to charge you some more money ;-) . Well it makes them smile and some even laugh ... :flower: ..(they must get out more, if they find my jokes funny)

The same applies for chasing hands round the desk ....... :frust: ...........if they keep moving I tell them , hang on just getting my trainers on so I can keep up with ya.................but hey a girl has got to have a giggle in this all to serious world.
Ok it's sunday evening now, Voddy and Orange O'clock here
Take care love Ruthxx :silly: xxx
:) I sure hope that is the problem. It may be the tense-ness of my own hands, who knows but I sure will try everything suggested in this thread. I tell ya, my hands have been so sore I could barely do my own nails.
My sets aren't turning out as nice either. I know it's because of Ole' Authur! Why did he have to come & visit with me?! My Mother had the same prob when she was 48 yrs old. (She wasn't a nail tech. She owned a grocery store) I'm still keeping hope alive.

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