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Nov 1, 2003
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salon, can i call it a salon if its just me working there.

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, don't know why cos i've been doing nails for over four year as a mobile and working from home. My clients and family are so supportive of my new venture.

I'd love my fellow geeks opinion on my salon, its a little difficult to say but i think it looks good on my flyers and cards. Its 'Mmm...Nails' I have a picture of a lady with a thought bubble saying Mmm...Nails.

I've just used the pic as my Avatar, so you can easily view it. Drew it myself btw!!
Good Luck xxxxx
Good luck with your new venture. I love the picture, especially the fact that you drew it yourself............what a talent. Gotta be honest (as you asked), I don't think the name will work. People won't know how to say it and they'll feel silly saying it. I know a business that failed because of the name. You could still use the image and Mmmm in the thought bubble but I would give your business a name that people will want to tell other people about.

Just asked my daughter and she agreed and asked how you will answer the phone.
I have to agree with Kim, not keen on the name but the drawing is really good and very impressive that you have artistic skill which should transfer itself into your salon.

Good luck with your venture, I wish you all the luck in the world.
good luck with your new venture.

think the name is OK. how do you feel when you have to answer the phone with the name?
i think the name and picture are done well to draw the picture...good luck on your new salon hun xxx
All the best for the future in your new salon!! :hug:
Good luck with the new Salon Marion.It is a great time to open as eveyone wants new nails at this time of year.
Try and make time to see the new application method,if you can as it will save you and your clients a lot of time particularly in the run up to XMas.
Best of Luck
xx mrs o
thanks everyone, i'm gonna re think the name, but i have to admit that altho i really like it, it is difficult to say.

I'm getting a little nervous now, i open on Tuesday. i just have to keep telling myself that im doing the same thing that i have been doing at home, just in a different venue.

Mrs O, definetly going to learn the new technique, can't wait to learn this. i've been researching it myself and i am really excited about. talk to you soon about it x

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