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Mar 24, 2006
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I was chatting to Gabi (Beautyguru) yesterday about my wax heater and how for the last 6 months (probably more) it will just switch itself off randomly for a couple of seconds or even several hours !! I assummed becuase I sometimes take it home and to friends houses I had knocked the cord and have broke it myself but when Gabi said she has had the same problem I wondered if it could be a product fault ?

Has anyone else had this problem at all ?

BTW My heater is at least two years old.
I may well ask ABC themselves...if i get to g mex...LOL:lol:

This has started on my machine in the last 6 months or maybe more...i have to go back to it after a few mins and sometimes its still off,i "twiddle" the knob and then its fine....i know its annoyed me aswell:irked:...the thing is i cant live without it and NOT prepared to change to something else:)
Yes I think I will call them if anyone else is having same problem. It doesn't have any effect on mine if i turn temp up/down it seems to be connected to the cable i have to prod it about a bit (which im sure can't be very safe!)

Looks like its just the two of us !

i have problems with mine too, it doesnt maintain the heat well at all, and i find during waxing the tubes get too cool that im using but the ones in the heater are too hot. There was a thread about this before and loads of geeks had probs with it.

I've only had mine 6 months!!!
If all 3 of you are having the same problems with your wax heaters, I think it best to contact your local distributors to see if they can offer some kind of explanation/refund/replacement.
i am at the show on sunday!
Just want to clarify Im not having any problems with the wax being to cold/hot it is just the fact that it keeps switching itself on and off.

I did start the thread to check if others were having the same problem and I will then contact the distributor. I just wanted to see if it was a possible fault with the heater and not something I had done.

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