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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Hey Pepes,

Any of you who have seen me post over the last year will probably know I took a change in career direction to be a nail tech after a major op last year to remove a melignant lump I had sitting around in my tummy (I call this affectionately 'The melon'), well after 6 months of nasty treatment I had had two scans and blood tests which were all clear so I had one of those 'just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water' moments and thought all was clear... I had my 3rd scan today and MAJOR PANTS it has grown another 'melon' over on the other side now, the same size etc etc blah blah so looks like another major op which takes yet another year out of my life and bang goes any plans we had for kiddies! who knows I may decide after this one to be an astronaut or something!! Why is life so chuffin hard! I am still smiling though, I shall continue with my 'it's not happening' way of dealing with this (yes even when they operated I was still in denial).. So all of you who get the chance go and do the Cancer Research race for life so I might get a decent bed and some nice drugs! hee hee. :D J xx
Oh no :( so the monkey melon is not finished with you yet? positive vibes that the new round of treatement is your last!

I am running in the reading race for assured that I'll raise as much cash as I can!...hope you get some fab drugs and a comfy bed with a cosy duvet :)
Jo Jo

I'm sorry to hear your bad news :sad:

Sending you loads of positive vibes and good luck wishes - we'll be here to help cheer you up and help you through :)

Soory to hear you are not doing the best - we are all thinking of you
hi i hope you get better soon,take care love dee
Hi, I am so so sorry to hear of this sad news, isn't life a pig and always strikes when you least need these things hey. I was tempted to do the race for life as I have been amongst many whom have suffered, however it was not until I read this post that i became definate and have decided I will go forth and run that race and get some dosh together, race my little legs off, because lets face it what a worthy cause.

I am sending all my very best wishes to you packed full of wonderful vibes and with the hope that things go absolutly wonderful for you in the coming months, keep your chin up girl and think positivley, i will be thinking of you and keep great thoughts in mind constantly for you.

All the very best
Grace x
Oh JoJo ... what a bummer!

We're all cheering for you.

What a woman and what an atitude!! You're inspirational.

Let's hope this time you beat the bastard!!

Thinking of you.
I'm so sorry to hear your news, just to let you no that i support the race for life 100%. I ran last year, me and my 6 year old daughter are doing it again this year, what an event. Be strong, our thoughts are with you.
Thank you so much guys, it's definitely a great help when you have peoples support and best wishes, I'm a great believer in positive energy so everyone send their positive vibes my way! Good to hear some of you take part in the Race for Life too, the next opportunity I get I will be out there again doing the race (in my case walking slowly at the back!). Hopefully this time I am more prepared for the op and know what to expect a bit more than last time and now know hospitals are not like Casualty and the doctors rarely make 'eyes' at you! (dammit) :lol: I'm lucky to have such a wonderful partner, when I told him the chances of kids are now long gone he hugged me and said 'O well, we can always buy one on the internet from China'! good job we share the same sense of humour! Again thank you all. J xx
Hi JoJo
So sorry to hear this news. Thinking of you and good luck.
Jo Jo, I am so sorry to hear your news, my aunty Sue (early 40's, always sounds like shes an old codger when I call her my aunty!) has just had her last chemo for breast cancer, she had the breast removed, we are all holding our breath for her, it sounds like you are both dealing with it in the same way, she has absolutely amazed me and you do the same, sending you my positive vibes and all the love in the world hon, take care xx
Hi Jo Jo

My thoughts are with you babe, its great to hear you have high spirits and positive attitude and most of all a great sense of humour!!!!!!!!! We are all here for you keep ya chin up.

Vibes on their way.

Love Dawnie xxxx
jO jO I am so sorry that you have to face this yet again!! You really do have the personality of a winner though and I know you will pull through with a smile.. keep truckin' babe and if worst comes to the worst you are more than welcome to Haydn and Dexter for a couple of months!!! :lol: :lol:
Hi Jo Jo,
just like to add my bit to what everyone else has said ... and wish you all the best.
You sound so positive .. I cant imagine anything getting the better of you!
Sending you all my positive vibes ;)
Hi Jo Jo, well babe what can I say...............
You have a great attitude, a great sense of humour,a great partner and a great chance of full recovery.........
So chin up and dont let the melon beat ya..............
But I will be thinking of you and prositive vibes will be all around you............
with so many geek behind you and thinking of you, it wont be easy but it will be ok!!!!!!
Sending you lots of love and healing sweetie. YOU'LL BE FINE. GOD BLESS.
Jo Jo,

My thoughts are with you.

I'm doing ( I won't lie and say running!!!) race for life in Winchester in July.

I wish you well. Stay positive

B xx
Jo Jo sorry to hear your bad news hun. what a fab sense of humour you have :D you realy have some bottle, just remeber positive thinking is a powerful thing
;) hears sending you karma!! ;)
Jo Jo

I am sorry to hear of the return of the Melon. I won't tell you to be strong as I can see from your positiveness that you won't let this bugger bring you down. Were all hanging in for your here, and if you ever need a chat, well you know where to come.

Take it easy babe
Jo Jo,

Sorry to read about your news, you're a strong lady with a prositive outlook so you just keep on fighting back. Will be thinking of you.
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