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Jan 28, 2007
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new milton
Have been a nail geek for a little while now but haven't been brave enough to post any of my work, so here goes.:eek:

estherlea/glitter french - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

go easy on me, sorry to post here but can't get it onto the gallery bit, would love some feedback...
they are sculpted using youngs l+p

... meant to say i did these on myself using reverse application xx
I think they are nice. Maybe you could bring the sidewalls in a bit more?

Well done for posting your first pic - it's nerve racking isn't it!!
Thanks for sharing :hug:
:) I think they look very nice well done you
They look good to me hun......maybe the thumb there looks a little too much white....i dont know if that makes sense...but all the same,a good attempt on yourself...:):hug:
Well done you on posting your nails for the first time :D

I think your nails would look a lot prettier if you had less white on the free edge with more of the 2/3 pink to 1/3 white ratio.
my tip would be to schange the ratio of pink to white.
the nail will look longer and more elegant if you have more pink and less white.
thanks for your replies guys its hard to be objective with your work when you've been looking at it a while, seems the main point is more pink less white, which now its been said makes perfect sense, i'll keep at it, have to say i'm really enjoying having a new skill to play around with xx
they look really good.i too agree with the pink and white ratio but i do like them as they are.i think your smiles look fab i wish i could do mine like yours.i love the glitter on the white.i would wear these,nice should be very pleased.:)
excellent stuff, I would just taper them in a little, great to see reverse application, would be even better if those that critique would post some of their own work.

Well done ......
:)I think they a great, I'm still not brave enough to post and so to me anyone who does deserves a round of applause!
Well done they look great :)
And the best thing is you can only keep getting better xxx
They look lovely. I havent tried the reverse application but after watching Carls Video eager to try. Thanks for sharing.
well done have done well...i wont make comment,s as other,s have pointed out the same as i have done excellent xxx:hug:
loving them, like others have said by slightly tapering them in a little....brilliant smiles and very pretty :):)
wow thank you all so much, lovely comments, i'm feeling alot more confident now xxx
Lovely Esther, I'll be booking in soon :hug:

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