Birth Certificates/Passports for kids


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Mar 30, 2004
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South West England
Oh dear, I'm in a pickle, my sil is taking Liam to France on holiday on 19 August, he doesn't have a passport. Got the forms etc we need a full birth certificate....I was sure my mum had this when I gave them to her to open building society accounts for the kids, got her to next day them back to me, Liam's is only the short one.....I know we have a full one but just can't find it!

Does anyone know if I can pop down to the registry office tomorrow and get a copy of the full certificate.....and what documents will I need to take with me.....time is running out and I wouldn't want him to miss out on his holiday!
Just give them a ring before you go down, they should have it ready for you when you pop in to get it. Hubby only had a short birth cert so needed a long one, he just phoned up didnt even need any identity!? Think is cost £10.
hth's xx
Thanks, good job he was born in Bristol or there may have been a treck involved!
when we needed to get full certificates for ben and matt, we just rang up and made appointment, went down with the short ones, cant remember how much it cost about £8 each i think and then they did them while we were there took about 20 mins i think, i know we had to make appt, cos they didnt do walk ins, but that could vary depending on size of the office, just give them a quick ring first hun, but you should be ok, let us know hoe you get on xxx good luck
i recently got one for my daughter. its a 2 week wait in northampton.

you dont need any docs, you just need to know deteails such as date and place of birth and mother and fathers name. £7.50 if i recall.

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