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Jul 24, 2007
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hi :)

ive just joined the forum and recentley just opened my first salon after years of working at home and mobile.

the problem is this i keep getting phone calls off reps and advertising companys etc the latest one i had was from a rep from a cosmetic surgury company who was the only one to cathc my attension and in a nut shell wants to come in to my salon once a month and hold a botox,acid peels and dermal fillers clinic and pay me a % does anyone do this or have any involvment with these types of clinics:confused:

many thanks
Yes..............I do. What would you like to know?

anythink and everythink that you may/should need to know. Also what company do you use.
I dont know too much about it, But dont you need to be registered under the healthcare commision when offering these sort of treatments in the salon? Or registered as a clinic?
well funny enough this is what my local council said and there is a large fee attached to this (£1000+) and when this rep came out she said no you dont have to and she had never had this question asked before???

this is the sort of conflicting comments i want to find out about before i commit to anythink.

I would get a doctor. A nurse is allowed to administer Botox but it has to be precribed by a doctor. If they have all of their insurance in place, they will have a license so youmay not need one but of course check it out.

They will like you to get a minimum number of clients and they'll give you a cut of what they take............usually 15% to 20%.

Anything else?
Hiya New Geek

Welcome, i work in Warwickshire feel free to ask any questions relating to this suject.

Nurses can do Botox fillers etc they do need to be governed by a
The Doctor will be the person who percribes the Botox and will need to do a mini consultaion with the client over the phone.
Fillers for lips etc can be purchased from a chemist(only if you are licenced to use it)

The Health Care Com will be asking all nurses who do injectables and also people like myself who do Semi-Permanent Make-up to register SOON.
The fees are around £1,500 per year and around £600-£900 for application

I'm looking into this myself at the moment
Ive just trained in IPL and i do permanent makeup

This is a good move for HCC...i hope this cuts out all the cowboys

Good Luck


Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
thanks for that jenny

do you go around other salons and hold clinics or do you work somewhere that does it ?

another thing is is popular in rural areas as we r quite rural and iam worried about getting the clients in and % wise the company have afford me 20% is that goo?

these are my first few questions

many thanks
Hi Kelly

You will expect around 20% com for botox & fillers
which is quite good

If you would like more info PM me
i dont do this treatment myself, but can give you loads on info on it.

I do permanennt makeup

Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
Hi Pazzy

Not sure on this one, will look into it though

there are different fine line a wrinkle treatments that you can do as a Beauty therapist:
IPL facials
fillers(grey area not sure i would)
and a new technique i'm looking into using our permanent makeup equipment?
I'm looking into this one, i'll keep you posted

Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire
The only time you need to register with the healthcare commission is if you do laser treatments. So there's no need for fillers and botox alone. I know that recently on GMTv they said beauticians can't do fillers. They could be injected into an artery and cause necrosis, where your skin dies and goes black- so best if a qualified medical person did it.:eek:
thanks for that i think my minds been made up now iam going to go ahead and let them open a clinic in my salon

many thanks
for eveyone who replied and helped me


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