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Sep 20, 2007
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well now that I have decided to go ahead with start date of Nov 1st Ive got to get biz cards, leaflets etc done.

I was going get the things that I have ordered before from vistaprint and just change the address and phone number, but can't get everything I want with the same theme.

I popped into a new printing place yesterday and was very impressed by what I could get done. They will design something for me for £25 and then use that design on anything that I would like. eg biz cards, flyers, tri-fold leaflets, postcards, even posters and banners (about £30 for A2 poster or 5foot banner).

I love the idea of having everything matching, ie branding, but obviously you are paying more than what you can do on vistaprint.

So, dilemma is, should I pay a bit extra and go for everything matching, or save money and get things off vistaprint.
I alway think you get what you pay for.........and I don't think the prices you are quoting are too expensive. Matching would win it for me I think clients would be more impressed by this professional looking approach IMHO.
I totally agree with Izzi... an 'eye for detail' wins every time and looks far more professional :D
On top of the £25 for designing it for you, what are they wanting for all the printing? x
Are you aware that you can design your own logo/branding and that you can upload it onto Vistaprint and have everything you want then in your own design? I do this. Designed everything myself and then just use them for the cheap printing. And I think that most of their offers still apply and that the upload is free.

the printing is about the same as quotes that I have had from a few places, so vistaprint works out A LOT cheaper.
Are you aware that you can design your own logo/branding and that you can upload it onto Vistaprint and have everything you want then in your own design? I do this. Designed everything myself and then just use them for the cheap printing. And I think that most of their offers still apply and that the upload is free.

yes have had a go at doing that and didn't really produce anything wow!
It all depends on how professional you want to look...... I come from a Brand Marketing background and can't imagine having pieces of print that don't match. I had my logo designed, and took a brief to my designer with a list of core values and attributes that I wanted my brand identity to say. I also wanted to have something that has longevity and wont need changing, as to build an awareness of a brand you need consistency.......

Personally, I would pay the extra - your print is what will say the most about you, until people meet you. They will form an impression and you have to decide what impression you want to give.

My branding runs through my print (price lists, business cards, aftercare leaflets), my advertising and the colour scheme of my uniform and towels......

For me yes branding is very important. Its what a lot of your clients will connect with.
well I'm afraid I bottled it and have ordered everything off vistaprint again, but all with the same lily theme.
I've ordered biz cards, postcards to announce my opening as cheaper than flyers, postcards to put into goodie bags to offer a reduction on next treatment, gift voucher and pamphlets. they all have the lily theme running through it with a goldie beige colour, so have kept the theme. If this new place takes off then would consider handing it all over to a firm but taking baby steps at the moment, ie watching EVERY penny.

Also decided not to do a postal drop. the place that I'm going too is very small, so once the word gets out, everyone who is a potential client will (hopefully know about it).

going to get a tee-shirt made up too and walk around with it a bit, but the hairdressers are happy to start taking bookings for me, and have got to get out their letting people know.
also the lily theme is what I have already with the first room I rent, so decided to keep it the same. Have used the same name but the room I use now is above a chiropody clinic so I've called it a clinic. this 2nd room is above a hairdressers, so I've called it therapy room.
My hubby designed a simple logo for me nowt special but effective and uploaded it to vistaprint and have all the cards and price list and postcards in the same logo.

People cant believe he designed it himself as it looks pretty effective.

I still have a copy of the logo if I need a poster or banner and get it somewhere else if I need.
hi, I used my business name and pictures I wanted uploaded on vista print. I thought they looked very professional. I bought business cards, note pads, christmas cards, stamper, table calender, letter headings, gift voucher (posters), magnets, and so much more most of it was free. I think it should have been nearly £150 and I paid around £30ish and thats with postage. I had my own logo and pictures on the leaflets and gift vouchers etc. Vista print has got alot of free bargains on at the moment. I loved the free christmas cards on offer at the moment I put my business name on the front and a special greeting inside of my choice for my customers thanking them for the business they have given me, I shall give them to my loyal customers. Vista print would win anytime for me. They are good quality yet cheap and the free items is an added bonus. Also have you thought about free press release. write your business info, name etc and alittle about what you do with a photo and send it to the local paper they should give you free advertising. I have just sent my free press release info. (my business adviser told me that bit of info) good luck in your business
Im a bit useless when it comes to uploading my logo onto vistaprint, I end up with my salon name just stretched across a blank background, and cant seem to add anything else! Are you able to upload your logo/name and then use their other pictures etc as normal to complete it? Or do you have to completely upload an entire design of your own?
Give yourself a high profile image, you will attract top end clients .. . go for what everyone knows is cheap and they are the clients you will appeal to

What is it they say? Speculate to accumulate? Spot on. Go for it.
the thing is, everyone knocks vistaprint but I'm quite impressed with what I have received so far.
the products are glossy, vibrant, printed well and unless you are in the TRADE, you don't know where they are from.

as long as you stick to a theme, then it all comes together.

just put off with the prices that I've been quoted for flyers, etc. when I've managed to get a load of stuff for under the price of the flyers. got biz cards, gift vouchers, special offer postcards, opening date postcards and tri fold pamphlets.

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