Broken vein?


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Jan 16, 2009
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Minster, Ramsgate, Kent
Hi skin geeks

I am a nail geek with a question about skin for you all.

When I first started doing nails, I over-exposed myself to lots and lots of dust and have ended up with a red splodge on the end of my nose which I think is a broken vein from all the sneezing I did.

Is there anything that any of you can recommend to help me get rid of it please?! I have tried various cream, serums, potions and lotions, but still it remains.

I remember seeing something on embarassing bodies where a lady had loads and loads of spider veins on her legs and they used a tiny tiny needle to sort of re-fill or aspirate the veins and they all vanished as they were being injected - it was like magic!

I would love to get rid of this as it is becoming an obsession of mine trying to cover it up and I'm losing confidence with it!

Any help is really much appreciated.
Thanks x
What you saw was sclerotherapy which you cannot do on the face, I put a thread up about thread veins on the face and essentia replied saying you can get clearance with electrolysis as it heats up the vessel. I assume this will initially go darker before it is reabsorbed by the body (??)
It would be treated very sucessfully with diathermy, done with the electrolysis needle and quite a high heat. The needle is tapped along the vein and the blood is cauterised straight away. its close to the skins surface so it doesnt penetrate it at all, it disappears on contact . you probobly need a few treatments as a tiny gap is left for the skin to expand and on the next treatment you treat what is left.
You could also try Micro Thermo Coagulation :hug:

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