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Peter Pan

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Feb 29, 2004
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Hartlepool UK
Just thought id go in for a nose,done this a few times tonight too and hey guess what


if we dont use it after all the moaning we did to get it back - sam the man will take it back off, then we all moan about it - so come on guys and gals - lets use the chat room abit more
Was just thinking exactly the same thing!:hug:
I've been there but I can't keep up:cry::cry::cry:
You see... I think thats a can only be in one place at a time!

No-ones staying in chat room, cause no-ones there, right?

What if you could open/stay logged in chat in another wee window and still browse site too? Wouldn't that be good.

I've gone to chat room myself too, no-one in, so just come out. Think we all keep missing each other?
so how about anyone that wants to go in chat room - goes in at

8 PM

least then everyone will know what time its open (so to speak)
yeh! its a bit hit and miss isn't it! I've been in a few times and its chokka, then the past few times been empty.
when i have been in there and alot of people in...i find it funny cos everyone going ...hahaha...yes i know...i have no clue what they are on about i just go who....what.....they do reply.....emmysbabe is pro in there!!!!!... her fingers must have smoke coming from them......i love the chatroom.....sometimes i have gone in and no one there.....come on people get in there and let ya hair down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol::lol:
Well the M1 traffic god willing :rolleyes: I'll just be finishing work then, but I'm like Adele, I can't keep up:cry: will pop in though when I get home and try:lol:

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