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Jan 28, 2008
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Hi Guys,

What was the reason for you having 1-2-1? And was an hour enough for you and did you benefit from it?
I'm thinking of getting help with my zone 3 and French rebalance.

Thank in advance

Kels xx
I know you will think because I'm now an Education Ambassador for CND i would say this :D but long ago I had a 121 with CND and it was some best money I invested it my career.

Nothing beats someone sitting next to you, and only you, finding those tiny things that can be tweaked so easily once you know how.

As to time needed that is up to every individual. Most CND EAs ask for a minimum of two hours
Thank you didn't realise about the min of 2 hrs thing, plus I didn't know you were an educator : ) xxx
I actually got a 1-2-1 for my l&p conversion as I had come over from germany for a holiday to see family and thought "I'll do a course while I'm here". There wasn't any and the lovely Lorraine offered me a 1-2-1 for the conversion price and I loved it.

I am looking into it again as I can't get a date to suit just now.
From a teachers point of view, I have taught gazillions of 121's and they are my favourite thing to teach. so .... I will tell you that I never think an hour is enough. If you want an hour to work then be prepared with a model who already has tips on and blended at least 80% (unless you are sculpting of course) and then you are not wasting time doing things that you have not come to work on.

Having said that, if someone has booked only one hour and I choose to go over so that the student has the best experience, I do not charge for it ... We're not to the minute, we don't put on a timer lol. An hour is better than nothing so if you can't afford two hours then go for the hour and do as much as you can to help ahead of time. : hug:
How much is it for a 1-2-1?
If I feel I'm struggling on CND complete can I book in 1-2-1 to back up what I'm learning or are the 1-2-1 sessions for specific areas x
If I feel I'm struggling on CND complete can I book in 1-2-1 to back up what I'm learning or are the 1-2-1 sessions for specific areas x

Of course you can :D a 121 is just that, time for you to cover anything you need
That's good to know, thank you x
an hour is never enough! i did a 4 hour 1-2-1 which turned in to 6 hours!! haha
I'm sure I will need a few extra hours, but so long as they are worthwhile then they are worth every penny. There's a discussion going on in another thread about standards, ethics and morals along with trade and profession in this industry. Clients deserve the best so that's what I need to achieve.
1-2-1 sounds ideal.

Was your 1-2-1 beneficial? x
I definitely think try to save for as many hours as you can because I found otherwise I clock watched which puts you off.

Also the week before you go start writing down questions which you want answered or shown. When you get there don't deviate from this. Stick to your questions and keep chit chat to the end.

Nothing worse than getting home and realising you didn't get answers to what you want to know. After all the teachers aren't mind readers.

Enjoy 121's are brill. :hug: xx
That's great, thank you for the advice. Will definitely be putting money by for 1-2-1's x
I did a CND conversion a couple of years back which was a 1 to 1. It was brilliant (although having a great tutor helped) and it done wonders for my nail skills. I came away really satisfied and eager to learn more as it all clicked into place what I had been having troulble with. I've since completed the CND L&p Master nail tech course and I'm now doing the Brisa gel. Just can't get enough of learning about nails and everything CND have to offer. I just love it.:)

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