cotton sticks instead of cotton pads


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Apr 16, 2007
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Just wanted to see if any of you use cotton sticks with scrubresh to scrub the natural nail during rebalance? I recently started with it since its more precise, doesn,t hold to much scrubfresh and you can scrub really well with it in the sidewalls.

...or do you all think I am nuts for using that :lol: LOL
Not nuts at all hun. I do this, after ive tipped and sometimes go back to freshen up around the cuticle and side wall before my product application. x
Great tip. I'll give this a go myself.
Great tip. I'll give this a go myself.

Great :wink2: not to sound like I'm cheap but it,s cost effective aswell. Before i went trough a lot of pads + more scrubfresh.
what a super idea!
i have always 'wrestled' with the scrubfresh thing since i far prefer a paint on prep - but this sounds like the answer i need - will give it a go
I always use a tightly wrapped cotton wool tipped orange stick dipped in Scrubfresh to really get down those sidewalls, works fab for me :)
What a great tip. I always feel so much is wasted on the pad. Thanks!

Marion x
sorry to be a party pooper with this idea, but i cant see the point..... sorry flower, i use a pad and have never had a prob with it, it you pull the side wall (skin) back enough you can get right in there with a pad , without the need for a "q-tip" - sorry flowerpot, but its just my way of thinking
I use guaze swabs, but sometimes when i run out
i have resorted to cotton buds, but am always worried about invisible fluff creating lift...all of my CND training was very centered on avoiding anything that could create lift. But to be honest didnt really notice anything amiss when these clients returned.
A guaze tip would be fab! I get you!
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i think this is a great tip.

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