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Jan 12, 2003
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Thank you for your response. Will definitely ring the Leeds office to order the Fabric system.

I have a certificate from Young Nails in sculpted nail techniques which I believe is a recognised certificate but it seems I still has to do a conversion course with Creative before I can buy all their products. Have enquired a few times but that is their policy.
Anyway, that's another subject.
Thanks again for your advice on the Fabric - can't wait to give it a go! :p
Let me try to explain why Creative insists on a conversion class for new users.

If you were a beauty therapist and trained in college with 'xyz' beauty products and you decided after you'd qualified to use say, Guinot or Clarins, both Guinot and Clarins would insist before you bought their line, that you attend a course to teach you how to use their products so that you would be successful with them in your business ... why? because their products are different from xyz's product. Now both Clarins and Guinot respect that you have qualified as a beauty therapist ... they just want to teach you about their products and how to use them so that you get the most benefit out of them and that you use them correctly. Does that not make sence for everybody??

We respect you and the certificate you have acheived. And when you attend a conversion class we are not there to teach you how to do nails, Just how to use Creative products successfully.

The class is FREE - you only need to buy the kit to work with and you get it at cost ... in other words the products in the kit are worth double what you are asked to pay for it. I think this is a great deal and cannot see why anyone would object to it. It is how I started with Creative and I had been using another product line and run a successful business for 7 years. It is a normal practice among suppliers of 'professional' products. Those who sell to anyone and everyone are not selling what I would call a professional product line. ;)
That seems plain nutty to me. In the US you go to school to learn to do nails...then you can buy any professional products you want. If a company told me that I had to take a class with them before I could buy their products I would be grumpy. I mean lets face it..."there is nothing new under the sun".
Of course if you want to be really good you will take additional classes because you never stop learning.
My only experience with nails has been in the I have no idea what I am talking about :silly: lol...and no idea why I posted under this subject...guess I felt like being sassy....LOL :D
We don't have anything like this in Australia either.

You buy a kit and then have to figure out yourself how the heck to use the stuff!! Occasionally you will get written instructions, sometimes there is a video available to purchase. Sometimes you can find a really great suppied (like I have Jai!) who will spend as much time and answer as many questions as you need.

I think the courses are a good idea... but why is CND only doing this in the UK? Why not the US or Australia? The biggest concern here would be travel. If I wanted to buy some products and needed to take the course.. I am 5.5 hours from a capital city where most training is usually held.
I feel the same way about this as christie does. :? Whats the point in haveing to go to school to learn to do nails so that you can buy professional products then have to take a class before you can buy anything :?: :?: :?: Oh well :rolleyes: it would make me feel like i wasnt professional enough to use thier products. JMHO.. of course i know its only to educate yourself more
Fortunately for you in the US, there is a standard set that one presumably has met when you graduate and when you pass your state exams. I know that most of you have to have 'hundreds' of hours under your belt before you are eligible to qualify. :thumbsup:

There are very few schools here in the UK that teach to any standard. There are no State board examinations and the length of the courses varies between 1 day (in a class where they supposedly teach all 3 systems - no kidding) and 20 weeks. Thats it! No set number of hours is recorded or required. :shocker:

Most nail companies here will sell to anyone with no questions or proof of certificate required, altho now some have got on the education bandwagon at last. :study:

The public can walk into any beauty supply store and buy some liquid and powder etc. and trot off with no understanding at all of the chemicals they are about to use. :huh:

So ... bearing all that in mind, Creative in the UK has always asked new users to come on a product conversion class with proof of Certificate in hand, to learn how to use to the best advantage, their products. This system has worked very well for over 10 years and for our very loyal customers. It is how we have kept our reputation at the highest level for more than 15 years. :salute:

And you know what? There is a lot that is new under the sun with more innovation and patented products coming along all the time - if products are patented and different they need education to go along with them. 8)
The other thing I wanted to add here is:

We have always beleived that since there are no real standards here in the UK, we would personaly do our best to ensure that our users had a minimum level of skills to work safely with the system.

We do this basically for free. For the price of a kit (worth twice what you pay for) you get an all day course for free. These are held all over the country.
If it was about the alimighty buck/pound/guinea... sure... we could sell willy nilly to anyone (including your customers) just like many other compaines do outside the US.

Our position is not always a win/win situation. There have been many times I have been the brunt of a verbal tongue lashing from some irate technician that is pissed off because we do not accept her 1 day course and 1 week experience as sufficient training in order to purchase our products.
Our restrictions don't simply say 'To use CND, you must take our course', there are very detailed criteria... Many new users dont have to take any courses. Some just need to come in and demonstrate their working habits.... some need to do more than a conversion course....

Here in the UK, we are the largest professional distributor of Nail Enhancement systems. I firmly beleive that it is due to our willingness to hold true to our principals that we will only sell to professionals.

Trust me... if it were about numbers... or ease... We wouldn't bother. We do it for the professionals.

I personally beleive that one day there will be set government standards in the UK... When that happens, we won't have to try and police buyers, the government standard will (though I'm sure anyone in the US will agree that it can still leave much to be desired)

Until then, we will continue to work to ensure the success of the professional by insisting on basic restrictions.
There ya go geek...what you said
I personally believe that one day there will be set government standards in the UK... When that happens, we won't have to try and police buyers,
That is deffinitly what is needed isn't it? Because it does make Creative, a nail product company, into the Nail Police doesn't it?
Technicians really need to know alot more than they could even learn in a one day class with Creative.
All this just so foreign to
Hey Christie...

We only do a full day conversion course if that individual can prove they have:

a. A recognised certificate
b. Minimum level of working experience

Otherwise, they simply can't buy. The only other alternative is to not give a hoot about it and let anyone buy. I am proud to represent a company that won't sell to just anyone with cash in hand.

I really do agree that the training here in the UK is not enough, but I found that even with all of the rules and restrictions in the US... there are far more people walking around with screwed up, ruined, green, funked up nails there than anywhere else in the world I have ever been :!:

I do hope that government restriction soon come into place, but I'm not holding my breath... Hairmessers don't even require a license in the vast majority of countries around the world, yet oddly enough, most of the leaders and innvoators can be found there! (see sassoon :revolve: )

I should just "mind my business".
I will stick to what I know..which is not foreign affairs...LOL :study:
Where the hell would we be with Christie minding her own business??? A hell of a lot worse off! (And in this case a heck of a lot of individuals with questions unanswered)

Keep up the Sass!
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