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Jan 28, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Hi all

I have not posted on here for quite sometime but have been lurking in the background!!! due to studying for my NVQ - which I passed with flying colours apparently (according to my excellent tutor, Denise Wright).

I was on holiday until Monday morning - arriving back in blighty at 6am UK time - the day before my darling kiddies (10.5 and 5.5 - Georgia and Eden respectively) went back to school (today!! :D ).

My first website has gone live today and I would be grateful for any comments/Creative criticism that any of you may have. Please visit and feel free to let me know if I have made any really glaring errors etc.

That said, my freelance biz is starting slowly - but hey I am still working full time as a Self-Employed legal secretary to 5 Barristers - but I can see the change coming round the corner - hopefully.

On 23 September myself and another friend of mine, are working a tyre check centre when they do a ladies evening to de-mystify basic car mechanics like changing a wheel, water, oil etc etc. I have already done a photo shoot for the local advertorial and am planning to pay for an advert on the same page. I got the gig from my one-line ad on, so that was a real boost for me as a newly qualified tech.

Didn't get to Excel unfortunately due to getting back from Alicante so late/early on 8 Sept. Sounds like it was real fun. Hope to be at Olympia in March next year.

Hasta la vista Techie-babes!

Just noticed that the SpaPedicure title is described as Creative Spa Manicure :rolleyes: ! Oops need to rectify that - didn't notice it at first.!!!!!
I only have two comments to make,
I didn`t have time to read the first page before your prices cut in.
If your creative trained why are you doing infills and not rebalances, it sounds better too.
Clicking on entering the site I was then met with a blank page.
Oops thats three.......
Contructive criticism, please don`t take offense, none intended
Good luck with your ladies night, what are you doing apart from checking oil and changing tyres, etc
Thanks for that - will look into it.

we will not be changing oil/tryes but giving 5-10 mins nail treatments to the ladies who attend the evening (nail art, file and polish, hand arm massage, etc ) (as requested by the ad agency!!!) Just have to see what happens on the night. I have told them nail polish does not really dry in that time however!

if you have any further ideas that can be incorpated into the event for a 5-10/15 mins slot that would be good!

Thanks again.

Your site is very well done... in fact... its flasherific ;)
Someone sure knows Flash :)

Downloaded fine for me though we are on some serious broadband... so dont know if that affected debs... if not... she may not have the flash plug in installed... make sure you have a link to download it if they dont.

My only comment (aside from the prices jumping up) is that you dont charge enough for your work ;)

Good luck on your Tyres and pliers evening (what a screwy way of spelling tires you britts have)

ps... I have moved this thread to the Chatter section

I do have flash so that wasn`t the problem (it works now and the site is great, well done) it must just be me cos everything is doing its own thing today
hey niki great site :thumbsup: bright and cheerful great pics well done you!! i agree with deb though didnt get a chance to read before the prices popped up just a few more seconds would do it babes!
nickki jonesx
Firstly Well Done for passing your assessments. Your site is cool and well set out, are your offer prices to get yourself a client base? good idea, but being creative trained you can charge more for your expertise could'nt you, well done again. Theresa
Well I like it........and the site works fine for me...I am on AOL-HELL.......normal service and not broadband time is good.......... love the flash....boy you know your stuff there.............
Good informative, well constructed.....prices I can't comment as it depends on your area.................But as I said I like it and want one just like it lol.........

Debbie tried to get on your website, the link on your profile and it just says welcome but there isn't a page hun.......whos got it????

love Ruth xxxx
Thought you're sight looked great Nickie, very professional thumbsup
I was greeted with a blank page on entering as well, but when i went back it was fine.

I would like to see a gallery of your nails though, i'm just soooo nosey! I'd also like you to do my nails at such a bargain price, and then if you could just sort my web site out for me........... lol That'd be great! Doesn't your holiday seem such a long time ago!

Suey x
WOW!!! What a fantastic site. It looks so professional. Mine is so boring compared to yours!!! Did you do the site yourself or enlist the help of someone else? Whoever did it - it looks great :D
Thanks for pointing that out Ruth, someone else has just informed me its not working too so I`ll have to look into it.
Its nowhere near as good as anyone elses though, pc literate me not, lol
hey nickie :D
v.good site, i am v.impressed
also proud to see one of my students progressing in such a positive way :fire:
go girl!!
hope to see you soon
lol liza xx
Just had a ganda at your site and think it looks super - very professional. The first time I tried it wouldn't let me go on but maybe you were upgrading!! Anyway the only thing it wouldn't do is the 'more treatments expained' section - just came up blank so I'm letting you know!! Well Done :thumbsup: :salute:
Hi Mrs Geek

Just had a check on the page mentioned .. "more treatments" does download for me .. :) However, maybe you could try again and see if it works the next time it loads.

I am very grateful for the input ...

Hasta la Vista!

Nailmania Ltd
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