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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

many time i see lady speak about retention and perfect color powder pink white and natural and clear .

in japan pro magazine i see them use same but have an other creative radical solarnail liquid and solarnail powder i not see lady geek speak about solarnail liquid and powder creative can you speak me about radical i want learn .

kop khun mak mak na ka mui ka
sawasdee ka

and i see in japan have brush creative pro styler i see lady speak same but them use in japan 2 creative i have name mini homi i not see lady speak this b4.

kop khun ka mui ka
sawasdee ka

michiko matsushita him recomend in japan have creative hand and body lotion for use but have 7 what 1 customerlike number 1 you think .

kop khun ka mui ka
sawasdee kaq

if you want see tomorrow i can show you lady japan make nail with scrubfresh and retention liquid and seche vite and speedy she use creative perfect black powder and perfect white powder and gold and silver glitter .

if some lady wnt see photo i send t you and you make on geek up to you .
she make design sculpture

kop khun ka mui ka
i come look geek because i want look but maybe i make stupid question because no body speak no problem .

soory mui ka .
Sawasdee Ka Mui

Creative do have several liquid monomers to choose from - at least 2 that most Geeks don't even know about that are still very popular in the States!!

If you were going to choose just one to work with, I would go with Retention+ as it is the most advanced sculpting monomer on the market today and is patented technology. Radical liquid was previous to R+ and is a beautiful product to work with and is very 'tough', but R+ goes that little bit further with a unique bonding ability.

The 'mini honey' is one of a whole line of Creative Brushes. It is not one that I use, as I prefer a larger brush. It is often used by those who like to create nail enhancements using lots of very small beads. I used to work like this, but over time have changed my methods which means using a larger brush - The Ultra Sculptor is the one I use - we all have our favorites.

There are actually 12 or more Creative Scentsations hand and body lotions and body washes to choose from. Amongst the most popular are Citrus &Green tea (very fresh and my personal favorite) Lavender & Jojoba, Peach & Ginseng, Melon & Jasmine, Birch & Mint, Tangerine & Lemon Grass, Wildflower & Camomile, Cherry & Nutmeg, Grapefruit & Honeysuckle, Cranberry, Coconut & ?? (I forget), Mango.

I would love to see the photo of the Japanese lady.

Your questions are never stupid ... they sometimes take some answering, but never stupid. :D :D
Sawasdee Ka Mui
I would use the mini hony for creating tiny beads for acrylic nail art........
Flowers, Petals, tiny shapes or delicate lines..........
It's perfect for that.............

hope this helps
kop khun ka
Sawasdee ka mui :D

your questions are never stupid and i always read them with interest and follow the replies and have learnt many new things from replies to your posts :D i too worry that sometimes i ask daft questions :D
how is your baby i bet getting bigger by the day! :D
kop khun ka xx
Sawasdee ka

I know now and them use brush mini honi in japan for make flower when them make design with small bead like ruth speak i think before maybe them use for small infill but now ruth speak i under stand because them in japan like make flower and design .

And i very happy geeg speak about the liquid and lotion i learn now and very happy .

My baby good him petchabun live my mama papa gran father and minh and have hair cut with monk and now can come but first i have to find house because on number 10 this month i have to go from house i sleep Today i go look house today for sleep new.

Kop khun ka mui ka
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