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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi gang, as you all know I rent a space in the Tanning Shop in the City of London, the little square mile that is the hub of our Economie, well it used to be until Canary Warf opend it's high rises..............

Well a year ago I spotted an empty shop, 2 mins from my Shop, fab layout prefect for nails I thought........ But oh my the rent was so high and there was no way in the world I would cover that without major investment help..........

So this shop has been empty for a and behold 1 month ago , workmen where busy in there......... So I thought Oh well just what we need , another coffee shop, we only have 30 in our area lol............

But oh no it is a Nail Salon, I was gutted.............My shop, my idea......... then I thought; Oh well lets see what happens.....
Well the doors opened today, and so I had a look..........

Creative stickers on the door, creative on the shelf, so me being me and a CND Technician I thought, I have to go in there and be nosey.....

So in I goes, introducing myself...........What reception did I get lol........ a typical creative one.......big smile, offer of a glass of bubbly and invite to the evening launch party ........

Well the girls are lovely, the shop is to die for, Nickie the part owner is a sweetie......... Ketan trained no less.......
So when I told her I was just round the corner and I too am CND through and through, we just laughed and just chatted about everything you can think of.

Am I worried that they will steal my customers, nope
Am I worried that my business will decrease, nope
We have thousands of people working in our area and I for one think that this will be great for business.....and I can't serve all these people by myself, so there will be plenty to go round for all !!!! Another Nail Salon will raise public awareness even more.......

I don't call Nickie and her shop, aptly name unas, spanish for fingernails, competition as such, I will refere clients to her if I am fully booked and she will do the same for me......So we will all be working towards one goal, that is to give Creative the best name in the square mile and uphold our standards to the highest.........and at least now I know, where I can get a brill set of nails, if I fancy a pampering lol...........and this will keep me on my toes, making sure that I offer the best service I can possibly offer and I know she will do the same........... So the public has to be the winner here!!!

I also gave her all the info about the Geek site and hope she will be joining us soon on here, in the world of geeks..........

So here is to Nickie and her new shop and venture......Godd luck !!!!!

Just a thought, not every new kid on the block has to be a threat, it can be good for all concerned.....Just just have to figure out how to get along together............ and we just might have done that lol !!!!!!
Hi Ruth Sorry u didnt get the shop but whats meant to b will b its good that u introduced yourself n that u will pass each other buisness if need b cos i do beauty as well if people ring and want a treatmeant that i dont offer i always give the name n number of a salon in my area that do the treatment i think the client thinks more of u then as well for being like that :lol:
Ruth I think thats a fantastic outlook, one which i also have.

I have met some great people who are now my great friends (hope they agree ! lol) and we meet regularly and you know what if one of them moved round the corner to me i wouldnt have a problem with it at all, clients will choose for whatever reason who they wish to go to and like you say its all towards one goal, i would not hesitate to refer clients to them, we help each other, whats the point of not referring or being friendly with them, we want clients to stay with us (CDN in my case!!) and not to a salon down the road who we cant be sure of offering the same high standard of services and nails

i believe in fate too, if something is meant to be its meant to be and this has happened for a reason and im sure the friendship you guys will end up with is part of that !

best wishes

Hi Ruth,

I agree with Karren, what a great outlook :lol:

Thank goodness it was a 'real' nail salon and that they are friendly. It is so much better to get on with each other and as you say in the area that you are in there will be enough clients to go around.

It is also great that you can pass on the other salons number and vice-versa - it takes some clients aback when you do that!!!

Good luck!!
I find that just becasue you cant help someone today dosnt mean they wont come back tomorrow.

I think people appreciate and remember when you are more helpful even if it means sending them somewhere else.
Ruth - That is why you are such a winner - great outlook with even greater talent! You are right that it is good for business to have another Creative salon in the Square Mile. There is so much business in that area, so much wealth and so many people still to be introduced to the nail industry. I am so glad that it is the best of the best who are there to welcome all those City slickers. I am sure the owners of the new salon are so relieved to have such a professional working around the corner. Great attitude from all of you!
Hi Ruth,

A beauty Salon has just opened round the corner from mine. I was really concerned at first but it used to be a hair and beauty place anyway and it never gave me reason to worry then. The town centre is close as well with other Salons who I refer people to an vice versa.

I was planning to bob in for a chat and see if she used Creative then refer people to her if necessary, however I have recently been told she uses a different system and says that Creative are crap, so I have a feeling I won't get the warmest of welcomes! :| :lol:
Hi to hear happy stories like this....isn't wonderful that you and the new salon will be working 'together' in harmony without having to worry about the competion and loss of clients etc......anyway from reading your previous threads you come across as a really nice person that would get on with the devil himself LOL!!!
great attitude Ruth, at the end of the day you can help each other out. Its always good to know like you said if you wanted a pampering you know where to go.

I bet she appreciatted you popping in.
The girls are doing great there, it is a bit slow at the moment but we do have the summer holidays now.........
Gonna have a brill facial there soon............ they will be using Nimue lol...........I told them about it and a lovley girl called Rebecca came to visit them from Nimue.
This stuff is absolutly brilliant, we use Dermalogica in our Salon, but I must say from what I have seen of the products they are outstanding..........So I would say the proof of the pudding is in the eating !!!!!!
So I will keep you updated on the Nimue ................
I have been a Dermalogica user for years and years and years!!!

I have used Nimue now for almost a year and I really like how my skin feels.

I do not have problem skin but actually very good skin and living here in the sun a 'cosmo-pseutical' range is what I must have to protect against environmental damage.

I still use Dermalogica products as well and I think the 2 ranges work very well for different things.

If you suffer from acne, viteligo (spl?), or environmentally damaged skin, then try Nimue, it is not just a 'pretty' cosmetic, it really works.

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