Debenhams nail bar - what colour gel?


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Oct 22, 2007
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Hi All,

To cut a long story short I have a client wanting to book in for Shellac, but she has a coloured gel on her nail that she had done at Debenhams, she said the lady said it would take 10 mins to remove (like shellac).

Does anyone know what product this is & how long it would take to remove? Can it be removed with the shellac removal wraps? Or better in double dippers? By the time she comes to me this would have been on her nails for 4 weeks :irked:?

I am not keen on the idea of removing a product that has been done else where in case there is any damage to the nail etc.

Would you remove someones coloured gel if done elsewhere?

If I charge £8 for shellac removal alone, what should I charge for a different coloured gel (that is 4 weeks old)

Would I be better advising her to either buy some acetone & remove it herself or have it removed elsewhere?

Please help I am really confused in what to do :cry:
If it is in Debenhams then it should be Nails Inc's 3 week manicure. I've looked on their website but it doesn't say what brand of gel they use.

Coloured gels are usually easy to soak off, the procedure is the same as removing shellac. Just wrap them with either the shellac wraps or some cotton wool and foil and wait a little longer than you would for shellac. Coloured gels are usually 'painted' on, so there should be minimal damage if any.

I wouldn't recommend for her to take them off by herself at home. That is usually when they do damage.
I agree with flower, it is never a good idea to tell the client to remove her own product ;)
If it is a Nails Inc concession in Debenhams then it is Bio Sculpture that they use and it should soak off no problem.
I used to work for nails inc and they use biosculpture, it will be a nails inc nail bar also so all you need to do is very similar (if not the same way) lightly buff to remove shine, soak and it will come off in around 10mins!
Thank you for your replies :)

Does anyone know what nails inc charge for removal alone? - I have looked on their website but no price is stated for this. x
i was in a champagne nail bar one so the prices were higher but it was £60 for application £20 for removal and prices have gone up recently!! redic if u ask me!! x
Wow that is expensive!
Strange thing is these places always seem to be busy.
Its all down to location isnt? :irked:
I seen in a magazine they charge £90 for a 2 week manicure!!! that's enamel with gel top coat,,wow xxx
I was in a champagne nail bar one so the prices were higher but it was £60 for application £20 for removal and prices have gone up recently!! redic if u ask me!!

Wow at that price I think I would throw in my husband too!!!!

Maybe i'll get together with my mum & offer a dog walking service while they get their nails done. I know which I would rather be doing!.
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In Debenhams in Cheltenham they are using IBD, it's not a Nails Inc bar there though. I suppose it depends on where you live. :green:

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