Do I have to inform PPL and PRS that I'm royalty free?


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Jan 16, 2013
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Milton Keynes, UK
I've been informed that i cannot play music, radio or even TV (cos of theme tunes, adverts *roll eyes*) until i get these licences (if the music industry isn't rich enough!)

I'm gonna use royalty free music from Jamendo, so should i inform the 2 companies that this is my intention (I dont fancy a stern letter in the post) :mad:

Ta, Claire x
Yeh you may aswel give them a call, if not they'll hunt to you down and call you instead! Theyre sneaky lol
Does anyone know how much the license is to be able to play music in the salon? xx
Does anyone know how much the license is to be able to play music in the salon? xx

Dunno but you need the two

PRS for Music you have to ring up and ask

Hairdressers and beauty salons - PPL this one cost £131.68 per year for 10 treatment chairs or less!!

I used this site today , so it's not beyonce but I'll be damned if I'm paying out the prices they are asking and If i dont get the licence and play the radio sods law I'll get caught.
I never told them but they did ring up after a few months just asking if I had music playing in the salon. I told them it was royalty free and they said that was fine :)
Hi All
I would like someone to tell me how the correct money is distributed to the correct artists. In beauty salons it is usually mood music that is being played.

Are all the 'Whales' out there involved in the making of a CD are they getting a cut.!!!!!!

May I ask how do you know what is royalty free music.?

May I ask how do
Royalty free music is advertised as such. I switched to ichill and just didn't pay my renewal. When they rang to ask if I played music they wanted to know specifically which royalty free I used as some is apparently imported and isn't royalty free. I chill is fine.

Vicki x

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Thank you for that Vicki
I have just received my renewal reminder so you have just saved me some money.
If you have the radio playing does this still apply?
Lost count of the amount of salons I've been in who play the radio?!
If you have the radio playing does this still apply?
Lost count of the amount of salons I've been in who play the radio?!

Yes you need licenses to play the radio.
I just paid £77 & vat for a 3 chair salon, they ask you questions about your salon to give you a quote
do you need a music license being mobile? I take my ipod and speakers loaded with different mood music. X
When I rang them they said if I used my iphone to play music I'd purchased then I would still need a licence
Its a good idea to check, but I think that if you take music you may be liable, but if the client plays their own music you're not. You also aren't allowed to listen to a 'talk' radio station as they may play music on there. You didn't need a license for a home salon, but that may have changed!

It has often been noted on here that a lot of us have been told different things. When I bought my first music license, I worked from home. When they called me to renew, he asked how large my salon was, and I told him it was my spare room at home. He told me I didn't need one for a home salon, and they reimbursed me!

You should have both licenses - PPL AND PRS - so it can add up to quite a bit.

I actually think our clients like a break from news and 'pop' music. I'm used to it now. We have a great range of the iChill, and we love them!

Vicki x
I have just payed mine ppl and prs for music it's a total rip off cost m just on £190 for the year I didn't know about lchill l will not be renewing next year that's for sure!!
right think its stupid the amount they charge but loop hole i used an fellow salons did was classical as its over a 100 years old an cannot be copyrighted & religious pray
think its just money grabbing altho then they'd get on the band wagon with well you pay tv licence even tho radios advertise on them to pay for radio station who ever invented it should be shot like we don't have enough over heads lol
You can tell them it's classical however if you get caught out the fines will be much much more. My friend could have an argument all day long about TV licenses he discovered there not legally enforceable and hasn't had one for years. But that's just the kind of guy he is lol.
It's my understanding that even if it's Ichill or whatever, the fact you are probably playing it on a device able to pick up radio stations or play other music in a public place you still need a license.
If you have a computer on site you need a tv license as you can watch catch up and youtube etc.

They told me that even if clients can pick up wifi within my salon on their phones I need to pay.

On another note, I took my salon insurance through Sterling / coversure who are part of NHF, one of the "perks" was supposedly a discount on the PPL etc, but I've realised (after paying it a few years) that the insurers don't cover half my treatments and I'm paying £26 a month to NHF. Will not be renewing so the license people will just need to wait too!
You don't need a license if you don't use these things. I have a computer and 3 stereos that play CDs and could pick up the radio, but I don't use it. If however I get caught using it, having said I don't, that is when i could get into trouble.

If you are playing classical music that is over however many years old, then you might as well play iChill, or similar licence free.

I am also allowed to play music or radio if it is just me on the premises, but if staff or clients come in, I have to turn it off. The upside of where I am is that there is no radio reception at all.

Pink thistles comments just reiterate what I have said previously. You can get different answers on different days from different staff. It would help if they actually all had the same responses!!!
I will be working from my lounge at home. Do I need a licence to play the radio?

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