Do you use dappen dish or a dispensing bottle?

michelle g

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i was watching a nail tech use one of these in fenwicks (nails inc)
not tried it though. i'll stick with my dappen dish i think. don't need anymore


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Dappen dish for me (an oval one) so I can "lay" my brush in it without touching the bottom. Dispensers have a very large surface area (almost twice that of a dappen dish) therefore more evaporation.... more fumes/vapors, more pong . They are also a silly height from the desk.


i use a dappen dish huni...what do you do with the dispenser then????i have never heard of anyone using a dispesnser...
Me neither...:rolleyes:


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intresting about the dispenser...i honestly never knew or heard of it!!!!!.thanks for letting me know about it...i am sticking to my dappen dish .:green: