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well ive had my eyebrows tattooed and was told that they will fade and the scabs will drop off etc within 2 weeks - just wondered if anyone else has had this done? what was your experience, and how long did it take for your scabs to drop off :lol:

i really love the new shape etc, but am slightly worried about the colour, tho i have been assured this will fade. i just look so damm scary - i wear sunglasses whether the sun is out or its raining ( the person who got this done for me knows what i mean by that too lol).

im gonna be getting my lips and (maybe) eyeliner done too, but dont know if i can handle the scabs round my eyes, or my gob for that matter - i suffered with scabs on my gob when i was a kid (from licking them) and not too sure if i could do that again lol
Im so interested in this.. can you post pics by any chance?? My only concern is that i end up looking like Hatchet Face from Cry Baby (remember with Jon Depp and Riki Lake??) With the lips they say to use zovirax 2 weeks before i think to combat against cold sores..
I had a client who had her brows done.....she put antibiotic ointment on them to keep from scratching them......it took about 2 1/2 weeks till the scabs started to flake ......about a month before they looked real nice........
But she was old so maybe it took longer than normal to heal....:confused:....
I had mine done recently and they looked like they had been drawn on with a dark brown felt tip pen, I was quite worried, also as I was advised to keep a bit of petroleum jelly on them they were shiny too... aaaargh! but after only about 3 days they looked completely fine.
When I had my eyeliner done you couldn't tell that they were scabby because it was black, it just made it look a lot darker than the finished result. Howver my lips were a nightmare, looked like I'd had a collagen overdose for a few days - and yup use Zovirax for a week before and after treatment. The trauma can activate cold sores and could end up pushing all the pigment out in that area. I found that all scabbing had gone within about a week. Eyebrows do look scarey when first done - my mum went beserk when I did hers, and I did them the palest colour I could, but they settled down very nicely!

The true colour starts to show when the scabbing comes off, and not really fully for about 4-6 weeks. be warned, if you don;t usually use an eyebrow or lipliner pencil they will look very odd to you for a while - it took me at least 6 months to get used to my lipliner, I hated it to start with because I rarely wear lipstick, never mind the liner.
I had my brows and lips done 3 weeks ago by a fellow geek(cherrylips)and am very pleased.My brows were so easy and didnt hurt at all.they really do fade to the colour agreed on and I love them.Now lips,like sassy says could flare up coldsores but wasnt the case luckily as I do suffer with them.The procedure did sting but the thing that hurt the most was the 'blush' on the lips and not the actual lipliner.I was very worried about the colour as they were very dark,but they DO fade down to agreed colour.You recieve heeling balm and apply this and after a week or so they are fine.Watch out for the before and after photos coming soon from cherry lips.Hth.
thanks girls - one of my brows is not so bad where scabbing is but the other one is still quite thick with scabs. im using the after care balm too.

as for putting up a picture, i dont know if im brave enough for that yet lol

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