Fabric (Brush on activator advice needed


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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
its me again...My brush on Activator is getting a bit claggy which is surpising as I always wipe 3 times each way, but hey maybe i've been a bit lapse on the odd late night

- but I got a spare brush in my kit, which I am struggling to change so I wiped the claggy one in srubfresh , and I think I have killed it!

Can you clean this in Srubfresh or was I being stupid Any ideas for me...Thanks
If you killed it, it doesn't work :lol:

Depends on the type of bristles in the brush. I guess ScrubFresh does not like those bristles. :rolleyes:
If your bristles were plastic... you killed it.:sad: You should be able to clean the brush with the tip blender or brush cleaner included with your kit. Most brush on fiberglass systems tell you to switch brushes between the tip blender and the activator after every 10 nails. If the system you are using doesn't have a tip blender to soak your brush in, you may want to check into getting a few extra brush replacements. They shouldn't be too expensive;)
The brush on activator blast# brush can be cleaned with a little acetone if it becones clogged......the bristles are made of the same material as an enamel brush...........
The only brushes in this system that do not like acetone or the like, are the bond and build brushes........
As you have nothing to loose, try wriggling it in acetone to de-cloggify the brush.......
I love this word de-cloggify...............
:idea: As the bottles are a pretty standard neck size............ if your brush is dead........try and see if one of your old enamel brushes will fit the bottle neck..........I always keep the brushes form old spend enamel bottle clean them and put them in a little box, you never know when you need one !!!!
I have done this and it worked for me..............

The fabric# kit does not contain brush cleaner or tip blender.......acetone works well as it disolves this resin very quickly.........
Ta Ruth...will give it a whirl..

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