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Sorry to bug you again...but did you cut the tip well completly?
How do you cut it? Sorry for the dumb questions...but I mostly sculpt so I don't know all these tip "tricks" The smile line looks so nice and clean!
Anna from Toronto said:
But the tips look very white (but not too white), I thought they were french tips. Did you blend the well, or you cut it out for such a clean look??????????
Details please! :D

I decided I did not want to use French Tips in this shot. I wanted them to look very natural and hoped they would stand out from other advertisments because they looked so natural.

As I say, I used the Velocity Tip from Creative Nail Design and I both cut and blended them.

One of the coolest things about the 'Fabric#' system is its strength! There is generaly no need to use a stress strip even when using a french tip!! Unheard of and Too cool. :!:

Thank you again for the compliment :rainbow:


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Jan 10, 2003
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hi all

I have just tried the Fabric kit i bought from the coventry show what a product i am hooked after my first set takes a bit of getting use to cuting the fabric but i will keep practising this is a must have product for you all to try i am a L&P girl at heart but this will be another system on my list.

I know i'm rambling on but please give it a go i just can't beleive how brill it is :shock: :shock: :shock:
Might get one at Olympia, want to get a gel system there too :D

Are you going to Olympia Caroline?
Caroline HI!

I'm so glad you like Fabric#! It is a very cool system and is VERY tough and strong. Great to do on yourself too when one finds it difficult with L & P.

One very cool thing is that there soon will be a French-white paint-on liquid acrylic to add to the range so you can create the perfect french every time for your clients by just painting it on under the BOOST resin. :p

If you use 2 to even 3 coats of BOOST at the end, you will get tremendous strength. Only takes seconds to apply it and it does make a difference. If you have any questions, just email me. 8)
:? Just curious?? Is it the same as we call fiberglass or silk over here in the U.S.? :huh: We also have a system that uses either of the previous with a resin and then it is dipped into acrylic powder. It is called Extreme from Backscratchers. I am just curious if it is anywhere near the same thing? I want to be able to understand more what you all are talking about! Thanks a lot! :flower:
"Fabric" is just the name of the line. It is a fibreglass sytem, but very good quality I hear. You can make the nails very thin and very natural looking with this system....its strong and doesn't lift.

Is the "Fabric" available in Spain as well???
Hi Anna,

The 'Fabric#' wrap system is very definitely available here in Spain and having great success for its users.

For those of you who have asked, 'Fabric#' is a wrap system with a difference - well lots of differences in fact :!: It is not like Extreme which is a mixture of resin and powder - not taken off at all world wide - but a much more sophisticated system that employs different grades of resin to do three different specefic jobs; bondng, building and strength boosting.

The 'Fabric#' system is very easy and quick to use. YOu can sculpt with it - do permanent french - tip and overlay that looks like the nicest acrylic - you can alter the shape of nails and change mis-shapes - ALL with minimal use of activator spray (once during the entire set :!: And the fabric wrap is invisible when the nails are finished. ;)
do you have to be creative trained to buy this :huh:
Fabric# is it's own brand and it is not necessary to be Creative trained to purchase the system. Fabric# is a professional system however and you do , as always, need to hold a valid certificate of education. 8)
Cant wait to get hold of that and try it out, been doing fibreglass and silk for over 12 years now, so something new is always exiting.
Roll on Olympia !!!!!
Love Ruth xxxx
Hey Ruth,

The former Director of Education (12 years I think) for SuperNail in London is now the manager of the salon in Harrods and they use Fabric# there. She thinks the system is fantastic - "never used anything as good or as strong and invisible" -and I figure if Fabric# can get that kind of praise from her after using another system for 15 years and training with it for 12 then you owe it to yourself to try it. Could we arrange for someone to come and demonstrate it for you? Let Mrs Geek know and she will organize it for ya! ;)
hi geeg

I think the system is fab can't beleive i'm hooked on something other than retention +, can't wait to add the new white resin to my collection. Boy i will never make a profit when you keep bringing all these new things out for me to buy lol

:D :D
I have always done acrylic extensions and the occasional nail repair with fibreglass. I would love to try this Fabric though. My first question is can you get it by mail order from Creative at Leeds? How much is it? Is it kinder to nails than acrylic or gel systems - i.e. what is the condition of the natural nails when the fabric has been removed if someone is trying to grow their own nails?
On a slightly different topic, I rang Creative last week to see if the latest promotions leaflet was out and they said it would be posted out in the next few days. Have you any idea if it is on its way or what products are on offer this month?
In December I rang immediately I received my promotion leaflet to order some scrubfresh with free acid-free primer I think it was - and they hadn't got any. I was disappointed.
I love Creative products though not trained with Creative and am permitted to buy the standard range - not liquid and powder which I purchase elsewhere (!). I am a qualified tech though (thought I had better mention that...
TTFN or Toodles as Mr Geek says..
Caroline, once you have done 2 full sets with fabric# you are in to profit :D Every set from then on is $$ in the bank. It is a very profitable system with cost of materials comprising less than 10% of the sevice charge. I'd call that a great return on any investment wouldn't you? ;)
Hi Chris,

Sorry if this is brief but it is bedtime here!! :rolleyes:
Yes you can purchase Fabric# by mail order. Ring Leeds for details of price and special offers as I feel that is a more appropriate route than this message board.

Fabric# does not harm the natural nail at all, nor does any other nail enhancement system. But picking the product off or abusing the enhancements will. And of course there is nail tech abuse! :(

Special offers are always limited in number - sorry you were disappointed but you gotta move fast :!: Sounds like you did, but not fast enough eh :?:

If you hold an NVQ in Nails or are qualified with a recognised certificate of acheivement you are entitled to purchase Creative - if not, take a product conversion class and 'away you go' :p Simple 8)
Sounds brill, will sort this out asap.
Checking appointments in the morning.
thanks Gigi xxx
love Ruth xxxx
This sounds like a very interesting and innovative product! Is here in the states yet??? If so where? if not, well, then maybe it will make it's way here soon! thanks for sharing and keep us posted on how it works out! I love to stay on top of the newest things in the industry!!!!!! :study:
thanks a lot!
Shelley :flower:
Here is a large 'Hero' shot of a set of Fabric# nails that Gigi did...

Here is the link to the site (only 1 page) http://www.wrap-yourself.com

o.... AND THIS IS THE 1000 post in a month!

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