Fall Colours


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Mar 25, 2006
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Vancouver Island, British Columbia,Canada
O.K. I just went out and bought the greatest purse!.....black and brown for the winter..........

My current one is a banana colour.....also love it .....

My ? is ........when do peeps change there purse from there spring/summer colour to their fall coloured ones?

I usually do it at Thanksgiving in October ...but don't want to look like I'm in a hurry.....

I usually change when the weather turns.

In Spain it's usual (where I live) to see all of the older ladies wearing their winter coats on the 1st October, come rain or shine lol
LMAO Sandi...they really do stick by the book don't they.... I remember wearing my flip flops in January once because it was a hot day...and some women in a newsagents were talking about the fact I was wearing them ( must have thought I was a tourist and didn't realise I knew what they were saying!!!! ) they were togged up to the eyeballs in their boots and brown clothes... come Oct 1st...winter clothes whether its 30 degrees outside or not :lol:

Anyway back to the thread lol...sorry :smack:

I personally change my bags/purses on a daily basis...I get bored so easily...talking of which...time for an avatar change!
Come on girls.....anyone else......it's only beginning to get sweater weather here now.....leaves are just starting to change ....I know I'm not the only one !....LOL....
I usually go with the weather too. For us in Canada it does seem to be around Thanksgiving. I can hardly remember! Last fall seems so long ago. Soon we'll be getting our jackets out again - maybe that's the time for the fall bag - when you need to wear a coat. Enjoy your new bag. I LOVE BAGS! Now I want to go get a new one! I'll have to hit Winners for a bargain soon!:)alex
Hi there!!

There is a rule that used to be followed..

After labor day week-end, you stop wearing white shoes, white purses etc. and start using your fall and winter colors!!

But now a days I have been told... That anything goes!!!
So Melissa, I think it is quite safe to start using your new purse..( Since the Labor day week-end is over anyways) ..!!



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