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Jun 4, 2003
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Just when I build up confidence in one area, a new challenge crops up hmm :?: Got a new client really nice, only problem is shape of her nails, they are extremely fanned. I really struggled the last time I did her nails, and felt a bit disappointed even though she seemed to like the end result. :( (must have) she wants another appointment but no longer has the tips, meaning I have to start afresh. Pleeaase help with any tips/suggestions as to how to get the best results.

P.S. I have just done a creative conversion course, really good, at least now when I read the site, product names like retention+, gel bond etc etc will make sense to me :D
OK I will try to help, try to choose a flater tip to avoid any stress being put on the nail by a curved tip, if the tip is still to curved to fit on the nail without pressing flat, use a wider tip and file the sides to fit correct width.
When shaping the free edge the sidewalls need to be tapered to compensate for the wider edge.
An oval shape is better for this shape of nail as the base of the nail is usually oval........but square can be acheived by making the parallel sidewalls taper slightly towards the tip of the free edge.
Hope this helps.
Take care Dawnie x
Good advice, Dawnie, I couldn't have put it better myself!! Very clear instructions. :p
geeg said:
Good advice, Dawnie, I couldn't have put it better myself!! Very clear instructions. :p

;) made my day cheers Geeg xx
Well Hun,
You said it all.................
Nice Post Hun .........

love ya
Ruth xxxx
Just another thought -- or 2

If you paint this nail ... Take the enamel colour 'straight' down each side, leaving out the nail at the widest part (i.e. at the smile ). This will give the nail and incredibly sleek appearance and is a very good 'illusion' technique for a fan nail.

The other rule is to keep enhancements fairly short. Length only exaggerates the 'fan' appearance.
Thanks very much for the advice/tips, I feel more confident already :D They will be much better than last time.
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