Fask mask after a spray tan

Discussion in 'Skin' started by auzz12, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. auzz12
    My client asked me if and when she could apply a fase mask and I said I would not be too sure as this may strip the tan

    Dies anybody know the answer to this if she can apply a face mask with a spray tan

    Austin x
  2. Miss Pink23
    Initially I would say no, if there is oil in the product then definitely no and especially not before the guide colour has been washed off.
  3. jacquelineanna
    I would say no mask until the tan has developed and she has showered etc.

    It will leave a line where it has touched her face and if she starts to sweat behind the mask she will have a lovely white patch.

    Jacqui xx
  4. auzz12

    I did tell the client not too lol but thanks for the advice

    Austin x
    I would say leave the mask until day 4/5/6 of the spray tan (when it is fading/ nearly faded) explain some mask could contain AHA's which would strip the tan. x
  6. jacquelineanna
    Hahahahahaha!!!!!! I thought you meant using a face mask as in to protect her face not a cosmetic face mask as in a facial!!!

    How funny .. sorry.

    Jacqui xx
  7. auzz12
    Omg that made me laugh lol that was actually really funny we can all have blonde moments

    Austin x

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