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May 7, 2007
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My friend has just joined the forever living team, i recently went to one of her aloe vera parties, and bought a couple of bits and pieces. Im interested to know if anyone else uses these products? Id never heard of forever living until she started doing the parties.
But wow one product that i bought has literally began to heal my skin :eek: I suffer with eczema that refuses to clear up with anything ive used in the past. But after putting aloe vera gelly on it, i kid you not my skin isnt tight, weeping or red any longer. :)
My husband suffers with ezcema on his scalp (amongst other areas of his body), my friend was a Forever Living rep and gave me the spray bottle for him to apply, it didn't help at all and I'm glad I didn't spend the money out on buying it personally.
That's the only experience I have of using those products and to be honest I wouldn't bother again.
Thats suprising, as most of their skincare contains pure healing aloe. i was looking at their brochure and it says the spray is for soothing burns, bites and stings. Ive got the aloe gelly which contains the most aloe vera gel of all their range. pure and potant.

Each to their own, but its helped me.
Each to their own, but its helped me.
I've got an aloe vera plant outside of my kitchen window and I can vouch that it works and it's free...
ask Glynis (Peter Pan), her and her hubby broke pieces off it and their sunburn was a thing of the past!
However, that was PURE aloe vera.......
I'm not saying the Forever Living products don't work, they just didn't work for my hubby.
Did you use the plant aloe on your hubby? Its such a great all round healer.
i make my own products, some of which are use for psoriasis and excema - which work very well. i think alot of mass produced stuff tho just goes for that - MASS PRODUCE - mine however are made to the clients specifics, so its for THEM, not the other 1000000,00000 people that may suffer the same thing - there is alot that goes into this, i have made products for a number of geeks and havent had a bad result yet (unless they havent told me, but i always ask for feedback) and it aint been bed yet.

also i would like to ask any geeks that have bought myh products to add to this thread on the results of the products that were bought,
Did you use the plant aloe on your hubby? Its such a great all round healer.
His ezcema is mainly on his scalp and he wasn't keen on using the natural plant stems.
I wish he would but there's no telling him !?!
He's sticking to the prescription scalp lotion and it's working for the time being.
ahh men what are they like.
Its also suprising to know that a lot of brands and their shampoos, facial care etc state that they contain pure aloe vera, but its no where near in its pure form. For these products to work properly aloe needs to be the principal ingredient. There are over 200 species of aloe, although only four or five with medicinal properties. Ive just learnt all this. I find it quite interesting
ah There are over 200 species of aloe, although only four or five with medicinal properties. Ive just learnt all this. I find it quite interesting

sandi's plant did the trick with my hubby's sunburn - you couldnt any more pure than than, it cleared up so fast - i was gobsmacked.

as i said before aloe - CANT be used in its natural form for products - as it wont last -it will deteriorate - as will its affects - i dont use this in my products BUT i still get results - i think and this is totally MY opinion that companies use words like what has been described to sell there products - and there will always be peeps that will buy it - its a total roundabout - use it u get a result then things go wrong, so you buy some more to rectify it - etc etc
Clearly it has to be preserved but with the particular company i am talking about they produce a product that is as near to the natural plant juice as they can possibly get it. And they use the most potant aloe which is the aloe barbandensis miller.

when you say get a result then things go wrong .. what do you mean?
You can drink it or its made into a drink and its supposed to help probs on the inside.

I too, used a aloe plant on holiday for sunburn and it was pretty fab.
I worked for forever living products for about a year training people on the cosmetics and worked alongside a herbalist doctor who had amazing results with the right diagnosis. Not all the products work for everybody but i can honestly say there were very few people that did not benefit from using what he recommended. I have recommended the juice to drink to a friend who has ezcema and tried everything and its worked for her. I think the problem is people either don't give the products long enough to work or have been reccommended the wrong product.
I'm an FLP distributor, I love the products and they work for me. I think Nikki made a really important point, and one that relates to every skin and health care product - Not all the products work for everybody.

I have clients who it has made an amazing difference to their eczema, or their skin in general, or quite a few who have had fantastic results for IBS or Colitis. But then there have been plenty for whom it didn't work out.

If anyone has tried an FLP product and it hasn't worked for them contact the distributor you bought it off, there is a 60-day refund guarantee on all products.

With companies like FLP its important to differentiate between claims made by the company and by the distributor. The company has a marketing and legal department to ensure an accurate portrayal, the distributors are just individuals - some of whom do an excellent job, some do appalling jobs and misrepresent the company. Unfortunately this goes for everything in life.

Not that im an expert, but i have used their products extensively, ive use them on horses, dogs, cats an ex's lol,,, i can honestly say its all been good,,, their percentage is very high, an although i too have plants in my garden i wouldnt eat them,,,,,,
My partner suffered severley with ibs, although it wasnt a cure it did relieve the symptoms massivley!!! it gets my vote,,, on lots of counts ,,,, but then i will add i havnt used any other aloe products the same way,,,,,:!:
I don't often use it on myself, but it's the main product I use on the horses and dogs. For smaller cuts and scrapes it has always worked wonders on the horses :green:
I know this is an old thread, but today I met the 'used car salesman' equiv. FLP rep and talk about pushy! If she pushed me anymore I'd be with little grohl in oz!

She kept telling me that I'd make fortunes, and that the lady I rent my room from is going to be my sponsor, and she is going to sponsor her.........I dont think so!!! No matter how good/rubbish the products, the hardcore sell make me want to preserve my professionalism and stick to my ranges!!! I sell pro products, not stuff I can buy at a health food store (not knocking your salon if you sell it/use it, but this person drained me!)
Those are the exact people who give Network Marketing organisations, Forever Living, Avon, Virgin Vie, Kleeneze, Bodyshop etc a bad name.

There is some irony in the fact that they are are trying to convince you how much money you can make etc and buy using the tactics you mention they will never achieve that goal themselves. And of course, if your dominate buying motive when evaluating a product / brand / opporutnity isn't financial (and a lot aren't) they are never going to win.

There are a lot of us who are Network Marketers and who try to distance ourselves from these tactics, and I love your Used Car Sales analogy.

20 mins with her talking at me made me feel exhausted fozzy, I was amazed that although she had clearly no training in beauty therapy, she was trying to tell me how to do my job! And whatever sheet she was reciting from, well, I think she had got a few words mixed up as it did not make sense!
If left to my own devices I might have bought a few lip balms to sell in my room, but the fact she has basically booked herself in my column next week, and telling me I have GOT to recruit x amount of people.....well she un-nerved me!!!

I will be avoiding this woman and these products at all costs, I felt like I was being brainwashed into a cult! I swear I was dreaming 'beauty from the inside out' in my sleep last night - must be a FLP catchphrase!!

Thanks for being so understanding fozzy x
If i was in your situation I would have very quickly told them I wasn't interested and to leave or book a treatment.

I do retail the products myself in my practice but that is because they fit in with my situation. I'm not a qualified Beauty Therapist and I'm not going to get enough business to justify opening an account with one of the skincare companies I would like to work with so this worked for me. I retail products to waxing clients and massage clients (particularly sporty types), I have a website for them that sells well, and I have some direct customers who buy the products.

And yes, I'm building a small team of distributors, but they are all retail customers who loved the products they wanted to buy them cheaper or to retail to friends / family. I can't abide any of this hard sell stuff you are talking about - that is just unethical in my view.

To be honest Forever doesn't work in salon's, that isn't the business model of the organisation and there are (maybe not bigger) but more suited companies and product ranges that should be used in a Salon, and as you say you know an awful lot more about skincare regimes then I do!

I think it's great that the product line and everything fits in with you and your environment :)

But I have just been put off due this awful lady, I think I am a salesmans dream, its obvious that I'm a bit new, a bit young, a bit eager, and I have only been in business for a few weeks - pefect prey?

I will not be attending the meeting she has crossed out in my column next saturday - in fact I will be leaving early just to make sure I avoid her!!!

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