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May 24, 2012
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Please can anyone advice me on a better nail form.
I got quite wide forms but they aren’t enough to some clients fingers and the glue is letting me down. When I pop the fingers into the lamp some forms just opens in the glue and the nailtips get deformed …
I’ve just tried out a couple of brands. But now tired of buying forms that don’t do their job properly . And please don’t say the reusable works, I really hate them!
I do a lot of designs on my nailtrainer and those fingers is really wide, so I struggle with opening forms at “her” as well.
Please any kind advice to ease my frustration. My country sucks at good nail supplies, so if U knew a good supplier selling worldwide I appreciate the advice
Best regard Frustrated Nailomania
I love Entity forms, glue is crazy :) and they have 3 shapes, standard forms and corrective 2sided forms - you can choose which side suits client's nail shape.

ohhh they look supersmart!
thanx for the good info!!
I use the CND ones. Those puppies give you a finger wax when they are taken off :)
Vicki xx
i use the clear performance forms from CND too for me they are the best. as they are clear you are sure you are getting a complete cure. ( the uv light isn't being blocked by the form ). any of the others i have tried ...well as you said the glue is poor so they just keep popping open.
If I am using disposable nail forms I always use CND. They do not move once you place them and are made with a Teflon coating so they remove super easily.
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suuuper I'll order CND tomorrow
THANX!!! to U all

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