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Peter Pan

Too sexy to be old geek
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Feb 29, 2004
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Hartlepool UK
im going on 29th, and have 1 spare seat in my car - if yu wanna go and share petrol - let me know

phoebe_cat, jacqui, and christi coming with me so far - but time is running out

let me know
Any room for a little one..from cheshire whos scared of driving on her own......and is like ..MILES out of your way lol,

I am going on the 27th...but hopefully will see you there on 29th too if Gigi doesnt mind me coming twice :green:
Can you go via Scotland please G? :)
yea swing by and pick me up G.. if its not too far out of your way!:smack::green:
And then to Stonehenge for me too please!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Sorry I had to add!!
I am travelling up on the Tuesday morning. Leaving here about 5am!!! Booking in at the travel lodge,,,once I find it and then trying to find my way to Creative. I from Devon,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's the big city!! lololol
up to now me and jen are looking to go on the 28th so ill miss ya g as youll be there the next day.

Hi there Sara her from brotton near Middlesbrough just been speaking to Debbie CND do you still have spare seat? Just found out about demo and this site so fingers crossed. Will pm you.

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