Gel pads for lash extensions.....or tape?


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Jun 28, 2010
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Can anyone help me to make gel pads work for me and my clients? I have tried several types and they all slide into the eye and cause watering and discomfort. Also don't always fit the eye shape and so I can end up glueing to bottom lashes!
With tape I manage perfectly but my clients do not like the discomfort of having the tape removed and I figure since gel pads are being sold all the time some practitioners are managing to use them well.
Help please.
I have exactly the same with the gel pads,...
I like you tried using just the tape, and it does make it a little easier, I found some of my clients weren't bothered by the removal, ( I de-tac slightly on the back of my hand first)
But one of my mates, OMG you would have thought I was trying to murder her lol...
Bless her, as I was removing it, gently pulling the skin taught, she was like OW OW OW OOOUCH OW OW ..
Poor me who is very new to lashes was like :eek:

So I can't help you, but Your'e not on your own at least :green:
I am actually rubbish at using tape lol, very much prefer the gel pads. I have found that if people talk a lot or smile the pads move up into the eye. I find that for people like this I just tape the bottom of the pad to their cheek and it tends to stop the pad moving around so much. It works for me so worth a try xx
I use both, if the client has very short bottom lashes i use tape as I find that the pads don't hold them down enough. The pads make some of clients eyes water and then I would also use the tape. However i found the marval lash pads a good shape compared to some others, price wise they all seem to around the £1 a pair price. hth :)

Annie x
I use tape and gel pads and sometimes the pad still moves and makes the client's eyes water. As soon as the tape and pad is off though the watering stops. I still manage to stick the odd client to a bottom lash though ooooops. Thank goodness for the debonder. Why hasn't someone invented the same for nails?
I use both, but use the gel pad as more of a luxury extra than for any other purpose. A gel pad on its own will not hold down the lower lashes (unless its the lint ones with the sticky back-which I dont much care for) and yes if it were to get too close to the eyes it would make them water.
I use both, but use the gel pad as more of a luxury extra than for any other purpose. A gel pad on its own will not hold down the lower lashes (unless its the lint ones with the sticky back-which I dont much care for) and yes if it were to get too close to the eyes it would make them water. which are the lint ones with a sticky back? Sounds like they may stay in place. Why didn't you like them?

It is reassuring to know it isn't just me having these gel pad issues. Lol!
The gel pads irritate my eyes if used on their own.
The first person who i lashes after my training, ended up in casualty cos the gel had leaked out of the pad and gone in her eye :eek:
You can place some micropore tape across the curve of the pad and cut to shape, this way, the tape is still holding down the lashes but is attached to the gel pad so it's easier to remove :)
I was taught that you should really always use a gel pad. Tape can be uncomfortable for the client.
I buy my gel pads from ah francis and have never had a problem with leakage!
If you do need to tape the corners down they sell transpore tape or micropore tape which is a lot softer and more comfortable.

A good tip if you find there is too much gel is to scrape some away from the edge with your fingernail before placing it on. If you put it too close to the eye and a client has watery eyes then this will encourage the gel to seep in.

hth x
Right....we seem to be getting somewhere now.
So, first thing is scrape some gel off, great idea. Wonder why not thought of it myself!! LOL!
Secondly tape down pad at bottom to hold in place...have now done this twice with great results.
Thirdly though I like the idea of cutting tape to fit top of pad and thus having best of both. Will bear this in mind.
One more thing then..... those of you who use pads, which ones do you prefer and why?
Feedback time...
Have been using pads from Eyelash Emporium that I actually like. They appear to be sticky rather than Gel-y and certainly have nothing soft and gooey on them. They are quite solid and on ocassion won't stay down in the inner corner but i have just taped them down with a tiny piece of tape.
Then have taped them with 2 pieces of tape at the bottom of the pad and Voila! No more nasty pad/tape issues. No glueing together of anything, no gel in eye, no slipping and sliding.
On one or two ocasions I had clients with naughty, bouncy little lashes along the bottom that refused to stay under the pad but just stuck small piece of tape on them on top of pad.
Clients are delighted by improvement of pad over skin wrenching tape. Lol. When finished we lift of pad which gracefully pulls off the small bits of tape at the bottom and all is great.

I use gel patches since I trained 3 years ago - and I only once had to use tape - (doing eyelashes is my full time job..). I must say a lot of gel patches out there are too soft and weird shapes - impossible to work with.. For a long time I used Lash Perfect ones - now I'm using same pads, but from other supplier. :hug:
Lots of experience then, Priory? How many fittings/top ups do you do in a week? And how long does it take you to complete a 45/50 lash fitting?
Just wondering. I only trained early Jan this year so am still developing skills and expertise.
Umm, it would depend from month to month, but around 20-30 would be average - can be less or more... 45-50 lashes on both eyes would take about 45 mins. For about 2 years I could not build my speed to complete a full set in less than 2 hours (approx. 100 lashes per one eye). However, with time and lots of practice this now takes me 1hr and 30 mins - which I'm sooooo happy about :)
Well I'm glad to hear it comes eventually. I am so envious of those who seem to rattle on with it. My fittings are very good...look lovely...but I do need to be quicker.


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