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Jul 14, 2007
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I am pretty untrained when it comes to Gel.. other then about 2 days, very basic, training nearly 2 years ago.. I Do however sometimes put a gel top coat over the top of finished acrylic.. (normally on my bar staffers)
Can i use the top coat on natural nail?
Can i use it over nail polish?

The one i use says it can be dried under any lamp.. and only needs a swipe with isopropyl after its cooled..
I have a lady coming in for a shape and polish on her toes later today and i would like to finish it with a Gel top coat.. as summer is nearly here and toes will be out in force..

Sorry if this is one of those stupid questions.. but i dont want to do anything to a client unless im 100% sure of it...


**puts hand out to be smacked**


Just searched and found my answer!! sorry for completely wasting your time.. its one of those days!!

Gel topcoat is not designed to be used over nail polish

It is designed to seal over acrylic & gel nails to create a water resistant and super shiny finish. No reason why you can't use in on fibreglass either.

Gina x
Most Gel coats have to be applied to a buffed surface so applying it to a smooth enamelled surface doesn't give it much to adhere to :hug:

I have tried it before but after a day or two it just peals off:green:
Hi chels, iv been doing this for ages on a freind heres how i do it
clean nail as normal n prepare
base coat
2 x creative polish let dry between coats or it drags
apply 1 x coat clear gel cure for 2 mins then wipe sticky residue off

My freind as it like this and it last for a good 3 to 4 weeks with no peeling chipping or anything and her gems stay on aswell as i place them in the gel before i cure.

I hope im not doing anything wrong as it works great for me the only draw back is waiting for the drying between polishes.
Iv just bought some NSI coloured gel to cut down on time but you could try my way if you want HTH's xx
To add to this post...

I know some people are doing the enhancement (gel/acrylic) then polishing, then UV gel topcoat.

If the polish is totally dry, you can try this (and I have) but if the polish isn't totally dry, it chips off. Also, because the gel layer is meant to be buffed off, it means that when you go to try and take it off, you end up clogging the file with polish and it is a nightmare !

Hence the requirement for coloured gels

Gina x
After reading threads on here about top gloss over enamel i think it all sounds very hit and miss...which is ok for your own nails but on paying clients i wouldn't want to risk it.
You are right. I wouldn't risk it on paying clients either.

Also, if you are busy, you haven't got time to wait for the polish to completely dry and then apply it because by then, you want to be working on the next client !!

My choice is definitely coloured gels

Gina x
Creative U.V Dry is a UV topcoat designed to go over enamel. I have been using it for some timenow and no problems at all, give it a go its fab.
How long does it stay on and how do you remove it.
Quattro by Star Nails can be used for protecting polish and over natural nails, as well as a sealer for all systems. I love the stuff!

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