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What do i call my brush

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Apr 14, 2003
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Whats the difference between a good quality art brush & a good quality L&P brush? (apart from about £30+). i've started to play around with L&P on the nail trainer as Mrs MDT told me to stop talking nails & do some. i've been using a sable art brush so far as i haven't had time to get a proper brush. Mrs MDT wont let me near hers its under lock & key (so is the brush)
I understand it's a great sin not to christen your brush, I cant make my mind up, so can you decide for me
Most sable art brushes lack the 'snap' of a top quality nail sculpting brush.

The hair in Creative brushes is specially chosen for this quality of softness yet springiness for pressing and smoothing and they are hand-tied for perfect shape. All these extras cost more. By the way ... in case you ask ... no animals are harmed in the farming process.

Another reason to avoid art brushes is that monomer tends to melt the glue in the ferrule of the art brush (as it hasn't been constructed for use in monomer liquid) and the hairs tend to fall out after time. Most annoying to find a hair imbedded in your sculpted nail!! Unless of course you consider it nail art!! NOt to mention gunky glue in your mix.
I found that post really interesting........I did at one time look at art brushes in the hope of finding a good quality sable brush that was cheaper. Fortunately it was not so I stayed with my nail brush and a good job I did, thank you
geeg's right as always. if your going to get a l+p brush its worth investing in a high quality brush. as geeg said the hairs used and the way they are fixed makes all the difference, tied - creative or fixed with epoxy resin - ezflow ( that WILL NOT break down from contact with monomer!!). dont forget to be gentle and respect your brush when you work, bend the bristles back excessively and you could find your bristles tearing from rubbing against the metal ferrule!!!!!

good luck with your practice and your choice of brush

Go to any non-standard salon and you will find they use an art brush 3-4 times the size of an Ultra-Sculptor!!!
there's a fab L&P brush (various sized rounds and ovals) available from grafton/odysset which has a nifty little metal lid to keep your brush in tip top condition - i think you can even get it with a diamante on the handle!
I just LOVE :thumbsup: my Master Series brush - she's my baby (even if she does have two heads, well, especially as she has two heads)

Sorry - but just had to share
I have the 'creative masters' brush too. (even though i am still a foundation tech!)
I LOVE my brush. I haven't name her though but she is definatly female because she works with me and not against me!!!!

I am going to have to think of a name for her now though!

I named my hand 'Emma' short for 'H emorr oid' (she was a pain in the butt for me when i was training!!!! sorry!)
I named my hand 'Emma' short for 'H emorr oid' (she was a pain in the butt for me when i was training!!!! sorry!)
Thats really funny!!!!!!:lol: I know exactly what you mean though... mine drives insane...... don't know whether its me but it seems more difficult on the nail trainer than real hands lol. I've not thought of a name for either my brush or my hand yet but.......... mmmmmm will have to get my thinking cap on lol

xx Tamm
I named my hand 'Emma' short for 'H emorr oid' (she was a pain in the butt for me when i was training!!!! sorry!)[/QUOTE]

Thats funny clever name, you make me laugh :lol: I' ve got a master series brush and she's also got 2 heads too, have'nt got around to naming her yet though!!!!
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