Hair Colouring Problem !


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Good morning all !

Teeny bit of a hair disaster.

I have dark brown hair (chestnutty brown) had a few white hairs mingled in:irked: so decided to colour it ( oh the joy of being 35)

Anyway, i'm away with the girls for the weekend partying.....and died it with a clarol nice & easy 24 wash 'dark warm brown'. I think i may have left it on too long whilst...doing toes..packing.....etc etc

It's gone black:eek:i look like bloomin MORTICIA:cry:

Help.....this is not a good look !

I am at the hair dressers this morning - can i.....or would able to do anything about this or have i got to wait for it to fade?

Thankyou peeps



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You could try washing it with Head & Shoulders. May lift out some of it, with frequent washing mind! but youll probably end up needing professional advice from a salon they may use a bleach wash to lighten it.
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look like morticia thats cool
back here in the states we would have to strip you hair

Jeni Giles

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A bleach wash or persulfate shampoo will do the trick, I'm sure your hairdresser will get you sorted out!!


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Hi Minkus , I didn't see your post till later today ,
I was just wondering how did your hair turn out :hug: x minky x


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How is your hair now? Did you go and get it fixed? Or has it lightened any from washing?