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Jul 16, 2011
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Hey geeks :)

I went to the doctors today about this mole/mark on my forehead. I went a while ago and she said it wasn't a mole but keep an eye on it and go back if it changed. Well I think it seems to be a wee bit bigger now and I went today. So they've not said whether its a mole or not just that it was interesting. And the doctor gave me steroid cream and I have to go back in a week and if it's not changed then I've to have a biopsy. Which I am freaking out about. Of course everything is running through my mind as you can imagine.

I am wondering if any of you geeks have had a mole removed and how you got on?

I'm really worried.

Oh and I've attached photos to show you. It's not a thing ive had since birth, I think it's came about in the last 4 or 5 years.


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i had a wart like thing arrived on the 'tail' of my eyebrow all of a sudden.

it would scab, then i would know the scab off and it would bleed and then it would scab again and on and on it went for years.

one day it dawned on me that i should get it looked at ...

off i went to the doctor he ' burned' it off with dry ice. it settled for a while but it came back. same routine again.
went back to the doc, he decide to cut it out and have it tested.

i warned him not to ruin the run of my eyebrow. ( vain to the end)

anyhow it came back with the all clear. it had some long, ridiculous name but it was ok. as was my eyebrow.

it'll probably be nothing but you do need to get it sorted out. good luck.
Thank you for replying :). I know it will probably be nothing but I'm such a worrier and worrying about skin cancer and everything. And it doesn't help I'm a wimp!!! So wont handle any injections or anything well.

I guess all I can do is wait.
My dad has one exactly like this.

He gets it burned off with a dry ice thingy fairly regulary and the docs keep a close eye on it.

It's nothing to worry about but he was told it will be monitored closely so that any changes can be spotted quickly.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but definitely best to get it checked

Oh really Elaine? The dry ice doesn't sound as bad as getting it surgically removed. That's what I'm frightened of! Its a funny looking one, it doesn't look like a standard mole lol.
Oh really Elaine? The dry ice doesn't sound as bad as getting it surgically removed. That's what I'm frightened of! Its a funny looking one, it doesn't look like a standard mole lol.

It's not dry ice, it's liquid nitrogen!
Looks like dry ice though!
I had a couple of warts taken off with it. It's so cold it's hot if you know what I mean! Doesn't hurt, just makes a crackling noise.
Oh thanks Matt. That doesn't sound pleasant either lol!

Well after one night of using the steroid cream it looks a little bit faded. Or else I'm imagining it lol.
How about photographing it daily if you are unsure of the effects of the steroid cream?

I had a mole removed years ago. I engaged in an old wives tale that went wrong and the GP whipped it off there and then. The worst part was waiting for the results.

Did they give you any indication of what it may be? It doesn't sound like a mole if they wanted you to use a Steroid.
Most doctors now wont remove moles! I had a slightly raised mole removed and the froze it then had this little razor like thing and slicd it off! Over in seconds didnt feel a thing!! But i also have one on the side of my face and they wouldnt remove that as it was deeper and the scar could turn out worse than the mole!! They have this little mole camera ,it looks like a shot glass, that they put over your mole and can tell if its bad or not!!

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I have had about 10 moles removed from my face back andd head but not by my doctor, by a plastic surgeon, the scars are so tiny you cant even see then unless i look really closely. All came back ok.

I have seen some moles removed by doctors on my clients and they have left a total mess with the scars :(
ive had 5 flesh colured moles on my face removed. Like the other poster I also had them removed by a surgical clinic rather than the doctor.
I had mine removed purely for cosmetic reasons and you would never know they had been there.
Im the biggest wimp ever......... the actual removal of the mole was painless (it was sliced off) but i had an anasthetic injection in each mole which was a bit uncomfortable, but nothing too bad...........

good luck, im sure it will all be fine xxx
Thanks for the replies guys. If it doesn't need removed then I will just leave it as I have a fringe and never wear it back anyway.

I will be taking a photo of it daily and can see if that helps. I thought it was strange to give steroid cream for a mole too so perhaps it's not.
Sooo just a wee update.

My doctor referred me to a dermatologist where I met with a consultant who told me I have basal cell carcinoma. Which is a non melanoma form of skin cancer. Well he is certain that's what it is. He said its nothing to worry about, more common in older folk but just one of those things because I'm so pale, blue eyed. So I am getting a biopsy in 6 weeks which he thinks will confirm what he thinks it is and then I will get the results of the biopsy 4 weeks later and then I will need to get it removed.

So thanks for your replies guys :) all I can do now is wait and see and try not to worry. X
Good luck my darling. Make sure you go for your biopsy and have the diagnosis confirmed. I have been through something similar recently and the biopsy was totally painless, it was carried out by my Dermatologist and although he warned me it might hurt I felt nothing at all.

We are so lucky they can do biopsies and treat us quickly if it should be something not so nice.

Keep us up to date with how you are doing :D
Thank you so much. I am so frightened as I've never had an operation before and I am terrified of needles and everything sharp.

I have been told I will need one or two stitches after the biopsy and obviously some after the removal too. I just hope it's over quickly and pain free.

It's just hearing the word cancer aswell just freaks you out. But they were very positive about it so I am trying to be too. X
Glad you got some answers and that it's nothing serious xx
Lolly, use the search facility there was a post about this last year or so and a few opinions were offered up in general about mole removal.

Hope it goes well when they do the biopsy.
Lolly, use the search facility there was a post about this last year or so and a few opinions were offered up.

Ah thanks, I'll take a look now. :)

Thanks Fee. X
Any chance you remember what the title of the post was? I can't seem to find it.
It's ok I found it! I'm not too worried about how it will look afterwards although that thread has made me think about it a bit more. I don't know
If I could go private to get this removed. As its not a mole it's a lesion I now know. And it's possible cancerous?

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