holographic/iridescent stars


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Apr 24, 2007
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helllllllllo!! :)

does anybody have ANY idea of where i could get some holographic silver stars for encasing in acrylic... :rolleyes:...i've been looking everrrrywhere, hobby craft, ebay, i know NSI do some but i think they are just plain silver. I even went up to G-Mex today to find some...found some pink holographic hearts....no stars...booo!

I've just been racking my brains and then i thought why not ask the lovely geeks of geeksville if they know of anywhere! thanx mucho in advance! :):):)

Jojo xxxx
I have some tiny ones (approx 1mm), they are not true silver, slightly transparent but shimmer in a silvery holographic way (if you know what I mean!)

I can't tell you where/who they are from, bought them at the g mex last year, they came in a box with lots of other things & I have decanted them & thrown the packaging.

If you have no luck & want some of mine let me know & I will stick some in the post.
awwwh wow, thank you very much geeks! what an oracle of knowledge you lot are eh!? i would of had a sleepless night thinking about where to get them! thanks againnn! :D :) Jojo xx

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