Hot Becks !!!!


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Jan 8, 2004
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South Yorkshire
Just had to say how absolutely scrummy David is looking again !!!
So the right move for him.
Victoria is one lucky lady.
Think my hubby is quacking in his boots......... he dreads me suggesting a grade 1 cut for him - ha ha
I do have to agree with you, he is looking rather lush on the front pages of all the papers. If only we could get a job working for them, doubt it now though, all employees will be male!!!
Speaking of whom! What do we all think about this Rebecca Loos???????

Has Mr Beckham been a naughty Boy??????? He is extremely dreamy, but he would have to be insane to risk loosing his beautiful wife and two children!
he is lovely

must admit he has shattered what i thought to be the perfect family they always seemed so much in love
think the Rebecca one to be stupid to have gone on tv its the kids who i feel for

just my little take on things
thank god david has shaved his hair off
i have 3 boys who idolise him and his hair cuts
one big problem these days with the lack of the good old nit nurse long haired boys get nits
so its now " look boys do you want your hair like david beckham"
so my clippers will be coming out tonight and 3 little baldy beckhams will again have lice free hair mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnn nice.
p,s beckham is one hell of a horn dont ya think
You can look at it both ways I guess - at least it kept the luscious Mr Beckham on the front of ALL the papers. On the other hand, I do feel for Victoria (even tho I don't think she should have left him quite so long to his own devices !!)
I hope they can stick two fingers up to the press and Rebecca Loos and stay together. Personally, I think they r fab. And if it wasn't them on the front pages we'd only be talking about someone else or another couple.
what about the pink diamond he bought her for her birthday last week, if only my boyfriend could afford £1million for one of those. I will keep dreaming!
sawasdee ka

I have look david beckam and never 1 time i look him and think him handsome i do not know why some lady like him too much .

Mui from the land of smiles
I think raunchy best sums it up mui ... different strokes for different folks eh??
Not seen the papers today has Becks shaved his hair again :sad: I loved his hair long I have a thingy about long hair on men but still Becks would have to go a long way to beat David Seaman in my books, OMG he is such a hunk and a true family man who keeps away from the limelite which Becks and Posh seem do dwell on to tell you the truth they get on my nerves lol OMG just had a thought maybe Posh needed some more extentions and Becks has obliged lol

Take care
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxx
mmmmm dont shoot me girls but i agree with mui too much of a pretty boy for my liking ;) cant honestly see what some people see in him!! god and that voice gotta be one of the most anoying going!!
just thought i'd add my bit.
i don't know why, as i usually go for the dark, dangerous type, but there is definately something about david beckham!!
but personally i'm GUTTED he's shaved off his hair!
my son has got gorgeous blonde "skater boy" ringlets to his chin, & as a hairdresser i can keep it looking cool.
when beck's did his mohawk thing during the world cup, callum was desperate to have the same.
he didn't realise that as he has got curly hair, it just wouldn't go like that!
also, his head just doesn't look "right" with no hair!?!
so, while beck's has had long hair my life has been simpler, i'm just gonna have 2 hide the paper lol!!!
liza xx
geeg said:
I think raunchy best sums it up mui ... different strokes for different folks eh??
Oh yes Gigi, thats a good word...............
nailsbynicola said:
god and that voice gotta be one of the most anoying going!!


Who in their right mind would be asking him to speak?! I'd just be telling him where the bedroom is! ;)
But what happens when he whispers sweet nothings, that`ll be enough to kill the moment for me. I agree with Nicola, I think his voice is awful.
I do think they should leave him alone though, they certainly seem the perfect couple
Am i another one who just doesnt find him attractive AT ALL?! :o Lol...

well his bank balance is certainly attractive..but that's where it ends for me ;) Give me Johnny Depp anyday!!! :rolleyes:

I agree with Layla ...he does nowt for me.
Call me odd (I know you will) but its Joaquin Phoenix who rings my bell!!!
hehe i like my man to have a mans voice ooooooo willem dafoe or tom berenger when they where in platoon ooo maybe its the hard man act in a uniform i like hahaha god my hubbie would go mad lol :lol: ;)
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