How to deal with schools????


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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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If she has turned 16 i don't think she has to be in school.Have a look at your local college she may be better off doing gcses or a vocational course there.At least when the ed officer comes round you can say you have been in touch with the college which will hold them off until you both decide whats best for her.


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Apr 8, 2007
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Hi there , I just thought this may be of some help ,

Statutory school leaving date is the date when your child is allowed, by law, to leave secondary school. This is the last Friday in June, of the school year in which s/he reaches the age of 16.

Compulsory school age is the time that a child must receive full time education at school or otherwise,starting with Statutory School Age and ending on the Statutory School Leaving Date.
This is the law for England but if you notice the wording in the above it says ;

(at school or otherwise )

This is where the parents have a legal right to choose where the child's education will take place ,

If a child has never been registered at a school
or a child has been de registered from any school
and they receive their education at home usually by a parent or parents,

then all that is required by law is that the child receives an education suitable for their age ability and aptitude and any special needs they may have be catered for.

Also you do not have be a teacher

Anyway I am sure if a teen wanted to go to college they wouldn't have much trouble getting in ,

but if she didn't want to go to college,
It would be better to de register the child ASAP if she is still on the school register,
by doing this she would not be the responsibility of your LEA (local education authority ) anymore .

In fact Your child would be receiving their education otherwise than at school ,
which in most cases is at home .
You would have to provide all books and things but the local library is great for this.

You do not have to be a teacher and you do not have follow the national curriculum ,
Children taught at home usually study for around 4 flexible hours a day at the most ,

If your child is a teenager and is studying for his or her exams
then all they have to do is to study towards these exams
eg GCSEs or A levels and can sit them when they feel they are ready
to sit them .
They are still entitled to the usual child allowance if they started home education before or around the age of fourteen,
this carries on as usual like any other school age child who is receiving full time further education.

I would also advise joining education otherwise as they will guide you through all of this .

Plus they also have organized fun and social meetings for parents and children . :hug:

Here is the link again ;

About Education Otherwise
- History, Aims, Local Groups, How to Join, etc



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Sep 24, 2007
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Fife, Scotland
Mandy, I just want to say you sound like a fab mum and your son is a lucky boy to have you fighting his corner. Keep it up and dont loose heart.

Love Trish :hug:


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Jun 29, 2007
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North East
Mandy, I just want to say you sound like a fab mum and your son is a lucky boy to have you fighting his corner. Keep it up and dont loose heart.

Love Trish :hug:
Thanks hun, what a really special thing to say :hug:

You know i'm sat here in my dressing gown, haven't had chance to do much today cos the twins are still off school ill and you've made my day.

I lost it last night and really shouted at Jed, he knew it was cos of the lies that i lost it but i wish i hadn't.
Sometimes i think that because he ain't mine that i overprotect and that he will take advantage of the fact i stand by him through thick and thin.
Someone in the school is going to sit him down and have a god chat with him today and make sure he understands that they are going to try and help him out but he needs to give them 100%.
I've been on the schools back since this started and i'm glad i have cos at least i can see some progress now.
Keep telling myself that he'll get more from school now that we've had a bad patch. Fingers crossed eh.

Well i'm gonna go jump in the shower while the twins are watching The BFG!


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