I expressed an interest in learning gel nails to my tutor . . . .


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Jun 21, 2010
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south yorkshire
Her response was that they are crap & don't last! Without any further information or explanation of why she thinks this . . .

So, are they crap? Or is it the same as everything else & something that just takes a little time & patience to learn to do properly?

I was going to save to do some training as I'm not working at the moment due to my youngest daughter being very ill, & my partner is quite happy for me to learn something that will offer me a future career once we get her well on the road to recovery. But now I have doubts as to whether it'd be worth me saving the odd bits of cash I actually do take for myself

So, anyone got any thoughts or info that'd be more useful in making this decision than "they're crap and don't last"?

Thanks in advance
She probably says that because she can't do it and doesn't want you to know that she can't.

I do UV Gel, Acrylic, and Tip-n-dip.
All 3 systems have their merits.
All 3 take time to learn, and have their own quirks.

I would suggest you seek out another tutor. She's very misinformed...

I didn't learn Acrylic until 1.5yrs ago. My clients and I got along just fine with only the other 2 services. As do many other technicians who offer ONLY uv gel.

I have clients that work the craziest jobs, with only uv gel and the uv gel stands up JUST fine. Mind you, do take into consideration that there are different types of UV Gel, some more flexible than others.
Mine is particularly hard and strong, and not as flexible as some gels BUT more flexible than Acrylic. It's a buff-off.

There are many threads on this forum about choosing the system that's right for you, and then choosing the brand.

Happy searching :green::hug:
80% of our nail enhancement business in the salon is gel.......for me the figures speak for itself.....
Both gel and acrylic are great products, I would not expect any tutor to reply in such manner...
Yes its because she cant do them, ill tell you why, because if you put any nail system on incorrectly they are crap and dont last!! When I first put L and P on peoples nails in college, indeed, they were crap massive and no one would of wanted them to last lol...Gels are a massive part of the nail industry, shes talking out of her a**. There are advantages of all nail systems, theres so much more than just L and P, theres buff off gels, soak off gels, gel polishes, minx, traditional polish to name a few why not google sweetsquared they are the distributer for CND who I use, they will help to guide you in the direction to take next. Hope this helps. Sarah :hug:
Well what a silly not to mention unprofessional answer from someone who should know better. How uninformed. I would have no faith in anything that tutor told me now..

Gels have as big a role in the market as any other nail system and millions use gels successfully. Every genuine professional should use all systems proficiently; that should be a goal for all.
I agree with everyone else, if she thinks that gels are rubbish then it must be the way she does them!

I am an acrylic girl through and through but I do gels on clients who prefer them or on clients who I think suit them or their lifestyles better. There is no need or reason to run down one system or another, they all have a place in the market and I think it is important for us to know how to do both so that we can choose what we prefer and be able to offer our own clients what they prefer or need. :green:
Thank you all for so many honest replies.

I'm reassured after this that I would like to learn to do gel nails, although I will be doing some thorough research first and finding myself another tutor who doesn't have such a negative attitude.

I'd guess since so many of you have said it, you're probably right that she doesn't know how to apply them properly so wouldn't be in a position to encourage anyone else to learn.

I'm sure I'll be back with several questions as I do my research before deciding which type of gel & who to learn with (fingers crossed I can find someone in my area!)
I too am a nail tutor and am appauled that she said this to you. I always tell my students that a nail technician should offer all systems within their salons, so they are able to use what suits the client the best.

I agree with the other ladies she probably doesnt use gel herself and thats why she thinks it is 'crap'.

So dont be put off. Enjoy learning your Gel in the future and think how wonderful it will be to offer multiple services for your clients.
WOW! As a college lecturer I can categorically say that is such an unprofessional response to give! However, is it normal for her to give such a response? Maybe she was having a bad day (not that thats any excuse and I'm certainly not trying to justify her response, just another point of view). Why dont you approach her again and say you felt her response didnt really answer your question, if you still dont get the response you want ask another lecturer instead

We do have bad days as well sometimes and whilst we shouldnt project that to our students we are still only human and we do make mistakes. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and see if she responds a little better this time

Hope it goes a little better next time xoxo
Sadly these types of comments are all too common and saying she might have had a bad day is being way too kind. As a teacher one needs to watch every phrase every word. Because we have the responsibility of influence. What a teacher says has an effect long after it is said. Ever read ishmael?
I am sorry to hear your tutor said that and I agree with everyone on here. All I can say is its a good job for a professional forum like this where you can get honest help and the resources to help you make an informed decision.

I have to say I was really lucky and our tutor at collage bent over backwards to help and encourage us to add a nail system to our skills. She even helped us outside of collage and supported us in her own time. She was honest and said that she only personally had experience of soak off gels that she had used professionally, but at no time did she undermine any system and to be honest it did give us the start we all needed to get us going and into professional nail technology training to support our beauty qualification.

I have to say for me it has been the best thing I did and provided me with the ability to offer what alot of others can't in my immediate area.

You can then go on to train in other forms of enhancements once you have your basic qualifications. Go for it x
Gosh, what a thing to say!

One of my girls was telling me she actually found it hard to find an acrylic course in our area as gel is much more in demand.
what a crappy tutor. give sweet squared a call and book in for a foundation for brisa. you will love it girl hahaha

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